If you ever lost money Online Before and Looking for a Legit Way to Make 300k, 400k and More Every Month Online, Then this is for You!!!

The story is about a 400 level student at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria who lost all his life savings and school fees, but managed to turn his life around by starting a business using just a smartphone. He made over ₦5 million in 12 months Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity!!!!


This Will Work For You Even If:

  • You don’t know how to sell Online
  • You Don’t Have Upfront Capital
  • You are a Busy 9-5 worker  
  • You are a Student


Imagine logging into your bank account and seeing that your balance is zero. No money, no savings, nothing. That’s exactly what happened to me, and let me tell you, I cried my eyes out. I used to boast to my friends that I was tough and nothing could make me cry, but this hit me like a ton of bricks. I didn’t even realize I was crying until tears were streaming down my face. It was a wake-up call like no other, and it made me realize the true value of financial security.

How did it happen? I asked myself with my hands on my head.

“Picture this: I had put my heart and soul, not to mention every penny I had saved from years of doing menial jobs (including my hard-earned 400L school fees), into a business venture. But when I checked my online account, I was hit with a shocking reality – my balance was reduced to zilch!

I was devastated, to say the least. How could I explain to my aunt, who had gone through her own struggles to support me through school, that her investment was gone? And my peasant farmer parents, who could barely make ends meet, couldn’t possibly handle the news either.

But in the face of adversity, I refused to let myself be defeated. I was determined to bounce back from this setback and show the world what I was truly made of. The road ahead wouldn’t be easy, but I knew I had the strength and resilience to persevere. After all, when life throws you lemons, you make lemonade!”

Here is what happen next

“Imagine losing everything you’ve ever saved, including your school fees, in one fell swoop. That’s exactly what happened to me, and I couldn’t help but feel like the universe was working against me. I even began to wonder if my own village people had something to do with my misfortune.

And to make matters worse, I had already fallen victim to a Ponzi Scheme called icharity. My friends had made a profit, so I decided to give it a try. I invested 6,500 naira, but when it was my turn to receive payment, the entire system crashed.

But here’s the thing – I refuse to let these obstacles defeat me. I may have hit rock bottom, but I’m not giving up on my dreams. I’m determined to pick myself up and find a way to succeed. Life may have thrown me a curveball, but I’m ready to swing back with everything I’ve got. Keep watching, because I’m going to come back stronger than ever.”

After that experience, Anywhere I hear about Online Business, I just walk away and leave the place.

When my friend’s dad helped me secure a fantastic 6-month internship, I thought things were finally looking up. I was earning a decent monthly salary of 15k, which allowed me to save up for my dream of starting a mini-importation business.

But things didn’t quite go according to plan. Despite my best efforts, my lack of knowledge and experience led to the failure of my business. I was devastated – I had no savings left and couldn’t even pay my school fees.

I was too ashamed to ask for help from my peasant farmer parents or my struggling aunt who had already gone out of her way to help me before. It felt like I was stuck in a never-ending cycle of hopelessness.

That’s when I turned to faith. I started going to Mosque and praying more often, hoping that a miracle would come my way. And boy, did it!

One day while scrolling through Facebook, I stumbled upon a post that introduced me to a revolutionary business model. At first, I was skeptical – I had been burned by Ponzi schemes before. But something about this post caught my eye, and I decided to do some more research.

I spent hours on Google and YouTube, learning all I could about this new business model. And the more I learned, the more excited I became. Unlike the scams I had fallen for in the past, this was a legitimate opportunity that required hard work and dedication.

Despite my doubts and fears, I decided to take a chance. With a newfound sense of faith and optimism, I threw myself into this new venture.

And you know what? It paid off. Today, I’m proud to say that I’ve built a successful business thanks to the power of determination and the guidance of a higher power. If I can do it, so can you!

And Now in the Last 12 Months, This Business Has Now Made Me Over ₦5 Million And Made it Possible for me to live The Life Of My Dreams...


SMB Is Created Using This Same Business Model and if You Read The Rest Of This Letter, I Will Not Just Show You What It Is But Also Show You How To Get it.

It’s  also important that you know that this business model has not just helped me live the life of my dreams. But has also enabled me to help other people start this business model and be successful at it. Here is what some of my top students have to say:

Here is what some new students of SMB are saying in the Support Group

There are  many more testimonials like this , but I can’t share all here to avoid wasting your time.

While I am eager to share with you how you too can start this business model, how to join the AMS community and start earning like my students above, allow me to kindly introduce myself, Ok?


My name is Kabeer Umar But I’m Popularly Malam Kaybe

I’m a 24-years-old internet marketer that has made over ₦5 Million in the last 12 months but this has not always been the case for me. 

Like I explained above, I have been through Hell at the hands of sapa, but this business model I am about to share with you was the game changer for me. 

So if you are struggling currently with actually making money legitimately or you are Just looking for something legit to do online that you can start earning from in the shortest time possible, then this business model is for you.


You probably have heard about it. Maybe you were part of the people that called it a scam and would never do it. 

I totally understand you because maybe the people who told you about it did not explain it plainly in a way you can understand.

Affiliate Marketing is not a referral program or a bring one person to bring two people before you can earn type of business.


There are a lot of people making it look like that but it’s Not. So let me explain

Let’s say your uncle wants to sell a car

And then your friend wants to buy a car… you told him the spec of the car your uncle wants to sell and he said he’s interested.

 You took him to your uncle and your uncle sold the car to your friend.

 Your uncle will give you a cut as a thank you for helping him sell the car.’

 And that cut is called a commission in the affiliate marketing industry.

 It can be 20%, 30%, or even 50% commission.

 Do you understand it now?

Affiliate marketing is simply recommending useful and helpful products to people who need them and can afford them.

So what we do as affiliates is find a product that is helpful to people or that can solve a problem that a lot of people have then we recommend it to people to benefit from the product.

Once they buy, then we get paid some money called Affiliate commission.

Do you understand that now?

Why do we need a product that is helpful to people you might be thinking? You only recommend a product that is helpful to people because people only buy what they want.

And what they want is something that must be helpful to them. So I hope you understand this too? This sounds sweet and simple, right? yeah…

Yeah but it’s not that simple. I faced a lot of problems when I started like:

  • How to find good products?
  • How to find people to recommend this product to?
  • How to  make people interested and want to buy this product?
  • How do I get paid?
  • How do I make a lot of money just like this top affiliate?

These and many more were things I had to figure out. I know how hard it is to figure it out by yourself.
I figured it out and tried a lot by myself with no mentorship, No guidance, Nothing.

It was Just me doing trial and error. But I am glad, I figured it out by myself. A lot of time and resources were wasted in the process but what’s important is that I figured it out.

AND after figuring it out, I Started Making Over 300k in a Week, From 300k, I Started Making Over 500k Every Single Week… 


Now That I have figured it out, I want to also hand over everything I figured out to you so that you can as well learn it and get similar results. 



SALES MAXIMIZER BLUEPRINT (SMB) is Your Roadmap to Making ₦300k, ₦400k, and more Every Month with Affiliate Marketing Business. It contains everything I have learned doing affiliate marketing for over 5years. It is a Step-by-Step video training that can help anyone ready to start making at least ₦300k monthly with Affiliate Marketing Through progressive learning.

 Everything I know today about affiliate marketing, I didn’t learn them in a day. I learnt it over a period of 24 months through trials and errors that is why you need step-by-step lessons to learn the business perfectly.

By getting the SMB you don’t need to go do trials and error on your own before you succeed with affiliate marketing but by implementing the strategies in the SALES MAXIMIZER BLUEPRINT (SMB), you can learn it quickly and start getting good results in the shortest time possible.

New Students who bought this SALES MAXIMIZER BLUEPRINT (SMB), and belong to the SMB community are already making Money from using SMB.

HERE IS WHAT SOME NEW SMB students are saying in the Support Group


Module 1: The Right Mindset to Have To Make Millions From This Business

Mindset is everything in life that’s why In this module, I am going to be showing you how to reconfigure your mind to make millions from this business.

If your mind is fixed on just making a couple thousands then it’s going to be difficult for you to breakthrough and make millions.

So in this module I will teach you how to think like millionaires and how to actually become a millionaire by removing fear and disbelief from your mind and finally be able to increase your productivity and sell confidently. 

Module 2: Introduction to Affiliate Marketing And its Fundamentals

Whether you are just getting started with affiliate marketing or you have been into affiliate marketing before, You want to actually watch this particular module.

The introduction I gave here, will give you a well ahead advantage over other people in this business. 

Here I explained the sole responsibility of an affiliate Marketer and how to carry them out effectively step by step to rake in lot of money.

I also went ahead to show you how to setup your affiliate account properly and setup a way for you to get paid once you start receiving payment.

Many affiliate marketers both beginners and some that call themselves coaches just jump into promoting a product because they heard or someone told them the product is selling. Noooo

If you want to succeed in this business, you must be able to do your own market research properly and that’s why in this module:

 I will be teach you the evergreen niches to go into

How to pick a hot selling product in each of these Niches

What lead magnets are and how to get lead magnet for the products you pick without creating it yourself.

Module 3: Whatsapp Organic Traffic

In this module, you will learn how to get quality free organic traffic on whatsapp. As you may or may not already know, whatsapp is not a lead generating platform, but in this module I will share with you:

  • how to turn your Whatsapp into a lead generating platform
  • And What I call the Whatsapp lead multiplier effect to get at least 100 leads daily on whatsapp

Module 4: How To Generate Millions Using SMB Sales Funnels

The super affiliates who make millions monthly with affiliate marketing all use what is called sales Funnels.

In this Module, you will learn what sales funnels are and the exact sales funnel that I have used in the past and keep using to generate millions with this affiliate marketing business.

I also explained why this sales funnel works so well so you properly understand every stage of the funnel

Module 5: Facebook Paid Traffic Generation

A lot of people who begin this affiliate marketing business are always afraid running Facebook adverts and that is because they don’t fully understand how Facebook works. That is why in this module, I will also be showing you:

  • How Facebook works from a user’s perspective to an advertiser’s perspective. Understanding this will prevent your business manager from getting restricted
  • How to properly setup a Facebook business page
  • How to create your business manager and ad account  in Naira so you don’t face dollar limitations, get failed payment and eventually get your ad account/business manager  banned
  • How to run high-converting Facebook ads
  • How to target quality audience 


A lot of people who begin this affiliate marketing business always finding difficult to create irresistible offers that can generate them lots of sales. 

Offer creation is one of the powerful tools you can use to win in the game of affiliate marketing. You will be learning my ultimate offer creation formula and as will as get templates that you can just copy and paste. These templates have generated millions of naira for me and it has done the same for my students. all you need just copy and paste.


This is one of the powerful area in affiliate marketing where a lot of coaches or gurus are not teaching you  and that is why a lot of people are not making a lot of sales, In this module, I will show you my powerful formula that I used to handle a prospect objection even before they think about it.  This Formula can help you put more money in your bank account. The Module has templates and contents formula that I used personality to help you help you crush affiliate sales


This is a brand new method, I even call it a magical way of selling PRODUCTS like PURE WATER because webinars are the fast ways you can get KLT factor FAST, and KLT is one of the major reasons why people buy from you 

Webinars can be a powerful tool for selling a lot of products online, especially when done correctly. Here are some tips that I will be showing you inside this Module

  1. Know your Audience: Before creating your webinar, it’s essential to identify your target audience and understand their needs and preferences. This will help you tailor your content to their interests and ensure that your products align with their needs.

  2. Choose the Right Product: Select a product that solves a common problem or meets a specific need of your target audience. Choose a product with high demand and an attractive commission rate to motivate you to sell more of it.

  3. Create an Engaging Presentation: Create a visually appealing presentation with compelling content that educates your audience about the product’s features and benefits. Use engaging visuals, such as images, graphics, and videos, to enhance your message.

  4. Offer a Special Promotion: Offer a special promotion, such as a discount or free trial, to encourage attendees to buy the product. Set a deadline for the promotion to create a sense of urgency and motivate attendees to take action.

  5. Use Q&A Sessions: Use Q&A sessions to address attendees’ questions and concerns about the product. Be transparent and honest in your responses to build trust with your audience.

  6. Follow Up with Attendees: Follow up with attendees after the webinar to thank them for attending and remind them of the product and the special promotion. Send follow-up emails to provide additional information and answer any further questions they may have.



Closing a sale is a crucial part of the sales process. In this module you will be learning the tips and strategies of closing below:

  1. Build Rapport and Trust: Building rapport and trust with your potential customers is vital to closing a sale. Take the time to listen to their needs and concerns, and show that you understand their situation. Be honest and transparent, and avoid using high-pressure tactics.

  2. Understand Your Customer’s Buying Process: Understanding your customer’s buying process can help you tailor your sales pitch to their needs. Find out who is involved in the decision-making process, what their budget is, and what their timeline for making a decision is.

  3. Create a Sense of Urgency: Creating a sense of urgency can help motivate potential customers to make a buying decision. You can create urgency by offering a time-limited discount or by emphasizing the benefits of making a decision quickly.

  4. Address Objections: Addressing objections is a crucial part of the sales process. Listen carefully to your customer’s objections and concerns, and address them directly. Use facts and data to counter objections, and show how your product or service can solve their problem.

  5. Provide Social Proof: Providing social proof, such as customer reviews or testimonials, can help build trust and credibility with potential customers. Share success stories and case studies that demonstrate the value of your product or service.

  6. Offer Multiple Options: Offering multiple options can help customers feel empowered and in control of the buying decision. Present different pricing plans or product packages and allow customers to choose the one that best fits their needs.

  7. Ask for the Sale: Finally, ask for the sale. Be direct and clear in your request, and make it easy for customers to complete the purchase. Provide clear instructions and offer support throughout the process


Building an organic list is an important aspect of any marketing strategy, especially for beginners who are just starting and have no money to start running ads. Twitter can be a great platform to build an organic. In this Module, I will be showing all you need to do that, especially the tips below

  1. Optimize Your Twitter Bio: Your Twitter bio is the first thing people see when they visit your profile. Make sure it includes a clear call-to-action (CTA) encouraging visitors to sign up for your  list. Include a link to your landing page or a lead magnet in your bio.

  2. Share Valuable Content: Share valuable content on Twitter that encourages people to engage with your account. This could include blog posts, infographics, videos, or free resources related to your niche. When people engage with your content, they are more likely to become interested in your list.

AND Once You Are Done With The SMB Course...

You will be able to Make hooge amount of money Monthly from this affiliate marketing business and when I mean hooge amount, I’m talking 6-7 figures Monthly AND NOT JUST  for one product but for any product that you decide to promote.

You will also find it easy to generate both organic and paid traffic for any product that you want to promote.

Also as a bonus you will be getting access to my SMB community and this alone is worth ₦200,000

SMB is not like the regular plain courses you see everywhere. It is value-packed and that is why if I were to charge you ₦400k for it, It will be very fair because it is worth even more.

But Don’t worry you won’t be paying ₦400k. Not even half of it (₦200k). So I Know You Are Eager To Know How Much It Is Then…

₦120,000 + ₦255,000 = ₦375,000. That is the total amount of everything you are going to be getting from the SMB course once you Get it Today..

 But I know that the country is hard and everyone is trying their best to make ends meet. Even though what you are getting in this SMB course is actually worth over the 700k, It will be unfair to actually charge you that.

And it would still be too high if I even charge you half of that but You are not going to be paying half of that amount and for now not even 100k.

So it’s Just going to be ₦30,000 only, but note that once the count down expires price goes up.

#30,000 ONLY



And that is why I have prepared these awesome bonuses for you. 

Even though all the modules in the SMB course and community is all you need to start making 300k, 400k to a million Naira, and more monthly, I have put together these bonuses to make the journey a whole lot easier for you.

So make sure to implement them too and they will always make you smile to your bank.

So here are the bonuses:


  • THE SMB COURSE (Worth ₦120,000) 
  • BONUS 1: THE SMB COMMUNITY (Worth ₦250,000 ) 
  • BONUS 5:  WEBINAR CONTENTS TEMPLATE  (Worth ₦15,000)  

TOTAL WORTH: ₦773,000 ?

  • But Like I said, You are not going to be paying that amount.

    You are not even going to be paying half of it because I really don’t want money to be a reason why you don’t make it this year. So it’s Just going to be ₦30,000 only but note that once the count down expires price goes up.

So You May Want To Ask, Why Is It Soo Cheap?

  • To be honest with you, I invested so much time to put this course together. And as you have also seen from the bonuses attached to it, I will also be investing even more time to give live support classes as well. So what does that tell you?

    I want to see you succeed, that is the major reason why I created this course. I had a lot of people sending me messages and calling that I should “SHOW THEM THE WAY”.  Most times  I had to joking say “ALLAH is the way”.

    But then the number of people who wanted to know my way grew more and more every day and that is when I finally made up my mind to create this SMB course

    But YES there is also a personal reason why I created the course and this one is a selfish reason

    I want you to go through this SMB course, implement it and make a lot of money with it so it’s easy for me to get testimonials from you.

    I am not one of those that makeup testimonials. That’s why in all the testimonials on this page you will see the people’s face and their full names and exactly how much they have made for themselves. 

    So those are the reasons why I have decided to make the course so cheap but note that this won’t be for a long time so take action and get it now.

#30,000 ONLY

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