Youtuber Finally Reveals..

How to Grow a Profitable YouTube

Channel from 0 to 1k Subscribers and

4k Watch Hours with Monetization...

✅ Even if you tried and failed before, 

✅ Even If you have zero content idea and shy

✅ Even if all you have is an android phone!
In just 3 months or less! 


Hey Friend,

Do you want to create a growth-sensitive and magneticYouTube channel that drags your dream audience to watch your content, while you monetize and have them pour money all over you?


Then this masterpiece is what you are probably missing! 


By the time you are done reading this, you would have realize how ordinary people like you were able to grow a profitable branded YouTube channel with 5-10 income streams.


And if you make it to the end, I will show you how I use to grow YouTube channels both organically and using a never-heard-of fail proof method of getting 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours in 90 days or less


Give Me a Minute Let Me Summarize Everything For You

YouTube has over 2 billion users.


YouTube stats reveal that the platform accumulated over 2 billion users. That’s close to one-third of the whole internet.


That’s why it’s important to have some presence on YouTube. There’s just no other platform like it.


Do you know that YouTube allocates nearly 20 billion dollars yearly to creators who are monetized on the platform?

YouTube is the Best Free Marketing Platform in the World.

This is because of the high population of people binge-watching on the platform plus their quality; which means there are high chances of them taking out their wallets and patronizing creators they follow.


YouTube also has this suggest feature which it uses to suggest your videos to other people watching content related to your own.



YouTube is a search engine and the second largest, so making videos on the platform is almost equivalent to putting them on a search engine like Google directly!

But Why Listen to Me?

I Have Help Many Struggling YouTubers Grow and Monetize...

This is one of my monetization letter I received from YouTube; shipped from France. 


I helped many others to receive these letters and you are no exception

I am an active teacher on Udemy with Students from 40 Countries you can Google it

Let me pause here, 

why because this is all about you not me, the moment I help you win is the moment I win. 

Lets get down to business.

Introducing The YouTube Growth and Monetization Blueprint

Imagine making an extra $50-$500 monthly by just uploading videos regularly on YouTube, the videos could be showing your face, and can be recorded without your face or your voice



Yes I mean it,



And that is exactly what I am about to show you in this blueprint even if you don’t  have a computer or a home-based studio.



“But wait, YouTube is over crowded and there is no way for me to stand out” This is not true!


Will this training be worth your time and investment if I can show you how you can use powerful optimization tools to skyrocket your channel’s growth in little amount of time…?

If You Think You Are Too Late to Start, Then Look at This Grand Ma...

Need More Motivation? Look at Ryan Kaji Who is 11 Years only

Reno Omokri is a Former S.A to the Federation and He is Doing It...

If the youngOld, and the Rich are doing it to get richer, the only reason you will give not to start is because you don’t want it badly, you are content.



So if you are content then you can pass, this is not for you, but if you are willing to change your life financially, then YouTube gives everyone equal grounds


Remember if you didn’t learn, you are bound to make grave mistakes, such that may even cost you your channel, revenue, and years of effort!

So Umar Do I Create a Video Then Upload and Sleep, Then Wake Up to Pile of Money?

Never! that is not how YouTube works, so listen to my own part of the story


I was like you before, I started shy and afraid, until I realize I could make videos without showing my face. I make videos and upload without learning a thing about YouTube; thinking I am smart



I hardly have any views and doesn’t seem like I can ever make any money on the platform.


“Umar what happen next?” I will take you there in a minute.


I Almost Quit, After All My Struggles, Investments and Late Nights...

After meeting up the requirement for monetization I applied, only to get an email from YouTube that my videos have copyright material in them, not indicating the exact video


I had to remove all my 100 videos,  and throw away my phone and shut my laptop.

But it gets worse when I realize I lose all my 4000 watch hours when I removed those videos


That’s not all, my Dad ask me to quit mom encourage me to learn from my mistakes and continue!


That’s when I started fresh but this time from experience, and that is why I want to save you all the troubles, with a really simply guide, with which I grow countless channels fully monetized.


I Discovered these the HARD way...You get to cheat and learn the easiest way

Its not about me now, its about you, that is why I am giving all the secrets I learnt about YouTube and how you can take them and use them effortlessly as you start


I Mean It, Even When You Started Then Quit Along the Way...

You may say But Umar you don’t even know the reason why I quit YouTube!

Well, it may probably be because you think;

✔ Nobody seems to discovers your channel

✔ You Think you can’t make it to 1k subscribers and 4k watch hours

✔ You don’t have gadgets

✔ You pay social media sites 50k for subscribers, but none is watching your videos

✔ That you are just bound to fail…


Well I will say not under my watch

We already know, There is a lot of money to be made in the internet space, but the challenge now is, what will you do to make the kind of money you wish?


Quitting is not an option either, you either win or win nothing else

✅ Didn’t you say want to be able to make so much money that your needs will be met at ease, and In extension, that of your loved ones?


✅ Remember you said you want fame in the online space


✅ Remember you want to give your parents hope and happiness in life


✅ Remember you are special, and once you believe it, and take good action you can achieve it!

Who is this Course for?

Is for you if you want to start putting what you love before the camera like cooking, knitting, gaming, drawing 


or making videos on business you do and want to get more eyeballs more leads and monetize.

Is for you if you are already a YouTuber that has trouble reaching 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours.


 Or you are just having issues monetizing your channel.

Is for you if you love the idea of passive income and long term investment that will eventually make you rich and financially FREE


Whether a student, a stay-at-home mother or a 9-5 worker

Take a Look Into What You Are Going to Learn

Module 1: YouTube Basics for Beginners


✔ 20 YouTube profitable channel Ideas  to try
✔ How to properly create your YouTube channel
✔ Branding
✔ Do’s and don’ts you must know
✔ 11 viral title formula for max views
✔ How to upload video to your channel
✔ How to reupload someone’s content (fair usage policy)
✔ 7 types of video presentation for YouTube channel


Value = N50,000

Module 2: Ultra Growth Pack

✔ How to get 1000 subscribers
✔ How to get 1000 subscribers fail proof
✔ How to get 4000 watch hours
✔ How to get 4000 watch hours fail proof
✔ The making of a viral video


Value = N50,000

Module 3: Analytics and Optimization Tools

✔ YouTube analytics
✔ How to use keywords everywhere extension

✔ How to use Tubebuddy extension to grow your channel
✔ How to use Socialblade tools


Value = N20,000

Module 4: Monetization Blueprint

✔ 10 Ways to monetize your YouTube channel including YouTube Partner Program (adsense). 5 of these works even with a 100 subscribers.

Value = N50,000

Module 5: Mobile Studio

✔ How to create 2D and 3D intro for your channel
✔ Basics text animation to use in your videos
✔ How to create a video presentation on mobile + WPS
✔ How to edit videos on your mobile phone
✔ Videos optimizations with VidIQ app
✔ Youtube analytics with studio app


Value = N30,000



“This course, as you know, is pegged at N200,000. 



If I charge N100,000, it will still be a steal for you.



But I decide to crash the fee down to N50,000 so you may afford it



Would you exchange N50,000 for 6 figures monthly? Who wouldn’t?



Because I already made a promise that if I get 20 interested persons, I will crash the fee.


I have further crashed the fee to just N20,000”


Here are my CRAZY bonuses and premium library, I feel CHEATED giving it FREE...


Motivational channel blueprint like Motiversity; 

where to get the idea, the video footages to use and the motivational audio files, how to create computerized audio for FREE

Value = N50,000


How to set up your information product store on for selling your courses and eBooks on YouTube

Value = N10,000


YouTube App Creation Crash Course; learn to create your channel app without coding skills and get paid doing it for others

Value = N20,000


My done-for-you templates + a 30 Days 1k Subscriber challenge checklist


Value = N20,000


My green screen footages and 50 copyright FREE YouTube sound effects; Suspense, Car crash, comedy sound, glass crack, TV static, slow action, punches, horn, explosion e.t.c.

Value = N10,000


Complete Video Editing Course for Smartphone with Kinemaster pro app, includes

✔ how to create simple keyframe animation,

✔ multi-layer editing and

✔ green screen footage use.

✔ how to add a phone frame to a video

Value = N10,000


Lifetime access to my support group on WhatsApp, of course nothing beats a community of people who share the same value as you, and you get to collaborate together

Value = N30,000

Suleman Got Monetized in March and Has Been Printing Money Ever Since...

OO1 Just Got Monetized and is Sharing His Testimony to me 😃

N20,000 Price Goes to 50,000 Soon

About Me

My name is Umar Bappa


When you talk about a shy person, then look no further!

Not to even think that one day I will start my YouTube channel.


I use to be a curious young boy full of ambitions and dreams denied by nature until lately…


I came across the idea of making money online when I was 14.


I felt Overwhelmed, is this true, is it going to work for me?


Let me explain, I created my first website in 2012.



My mom will give me N200 to go to Cafe and pay for 2 hours of browsing time


In the end, I quit the website, because monetization was not abled for me and my mom is getting tired!



Sounds too much for a curious young boy, trying to figure out the silver spoon by himself ha!



I remember how life went rough for me and my parents back in the days, My Mom earns a measly 10k salary; working as a primary school teacher.


I only had enough courage to go back to the online kinds of stuff in 2017.



That is when I was admitted into the university as a fresh undergraduate of Architecture, Ahmadu Bello University Zaria.



As shy as I was, I finally realized I could make videos on youtube without having to show my face in the videos, how relieving!



God knows I am in the university to study, but I wouldn’t waste another online business opportunity again.



That is when I started turning novels into audio recordings and uploading them to YouTube.



I will use the little 2k sent to me from home, half for food and half for data, until when I realize I can leverage on the Free school wifi networks.



When night comes, I will go hunting for these free networks and upload my audiobooks/videos,



You know what?



To my greatest surprise, the channel keeps growing until it reaches 2000 subscribers organically that year


To sum up everything, school never stopped me from putting content in my channel and I finally got monetized in 2019 after 2 years of starting!


That is because I was ignorant of the system, trying to find out everything by myself, that is probably why it take me longer to get monetized!


I can still remember the day I called home when I exhausted all my food stuff only to get a shocking reply that my dad’s commercial car’s engine is down and mom had no money


The only option is for me to manage till after a week or two with my roommates


A week didn’t pass when I got my first revenue from YouTube, a  whopping $600 which is equivalent to 400k today


It land very hard on my phone and I was shocked at the fact that I had never seen 20k in my life before then.


Life just turned around, I bought a new Infinix phone and a gas cooker, fill my food locker, a brand new adjustable tripod stand, a good microphone, you name it. 


I blessed my roommates and my parents, little did I know that the youtube revenue is only a peanut, in other words, that is one of many ways you can make money with your channel


Not to brag but now I know almost 10 ways you can make money legitimately with youTube even with 100 subscribers only, and I am willing to teach you if you are willing to listen


After 5+ years of experience and studying online courses and following my mentors guides…


I went on to work as a freelance YouTuber, helping people with faceless youtube channel ideas, and growing channels just to offer them for sale


My finest record is a channel called HausawaTv, and together with my friend; the co-creator we were able to grow and monetize it in just 80 days.



See How Much I Made Selling My Courses and eBooks on YouTube

As a Bonus, I am Going to Show You How to Setup a Virtual Store for Your Products

Its easy, you create a store on a platform like Selar, then add the store link on your video descriptions.


I have shown many and you will be lucky to take part if you register today!

9raWealth is the First Channel I Showed My Face and When I Try What I Want to Teach You...

See What Other Youtubers and Internet Entrepreneurs Have to Say...

N20,000 Price Goes to 50,000 Soon


I’ve been doing this for 5+ years now. I’ve coached over 40 struggling YouTubers. I don’t tell you this to brag.


I say this because, frankly, my reputation is on the line. If I don’t deliver the results I promised, my reputation will go down the drain.


I want to be known and respected as a figure when it comes to YouTube.


You have 30 days from the day you ordered this product to check it. If this product does not contain everything promised on this page, then you are entitled to a refund, simply reach out to the Expertnaire customer support to get your money back.


Please note: Only those who make the payment today will get access to my free templates worth N150k


Only fast action-takers, remember you are either IN or OUT. It’s either HELL YES or HELL NO If you are in the middle, you are in HELL 😃

I am looking forward to seeing your channel performing close to mine or even better, i wouldn’t wish for less, and I don’t mind competition from my student!

All decision is yours to make, see you in my community, I am rooting for you!

N20,000 Price Goes to 50,000 Soon

YouTube Growth and Monetization Community is 40 Men Strong as of October 2022

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