Secret Unveiled

But before I reveal this secret to you, let me tell you this…….

You don’t need to spend more to sell more…

You don’t need to waste money on traffic sources like WhatsApp TVs…

You don’t need to pay much to Facebook ad gooroos that do not deliver…

And You can now get as many as 50 to 100 prospective buyers to your list on a DAILY basis with a very low budget

Imagine If you will get to know the secret of how you can achieve all That.

See I know you have worked hard to raise the money you use to start that business of yours

And It is not that easy promoting or Creating a very good product that surely has a buying audience but NO SALES

The Frustrating part is, You even paid a good graphics designer to help you design your flyers and

Also, a Web designer to design a landing page or sales page for you

You do your best to Craft your powerful irresistible offers And also a lot of exciting bonuses to make them take that buying decision…..

And just when it is time for you to make money from the product You end the day with NO SALES

Do you know what the problem is…….

  1. It is not because your product is not good
  2. It is not because your product is expensive
  3. It is not because you are not good at marketing
  4. It is because YOU DON’T HAVE A BUYING LEADS



It is not a good product that sells the most it is the most marketable product that sells the most Maybe you know that "Traffic is the livelihood of every business" and that is why you... Spend a crazy amount of money on an ad that doesn't Convert or you... Spend time doing the Heck Organic Traffic or you even Pay WhatsApp TVs to run ads for you that end up sending unserious people to you Maybe you even Use contact gains and buy VCL File contacts that end up not viewing your status or Spam Groups and DMs to grow your Audience But still, no RESULT TO SHOW SEE, the reason is that you don't know the RIGHT SECRET Which they Don't want you to know It is not all about having a good product and some few leads it is About having a good product and a maximum number of qualitative leads And contrary to what you taught You do not need to overspend on your ads to achieve the result you desired Neither do you have to lose your money without getting any results. You only need the SECRET and STRATEGY of how you can achieve it even with a small budget

Just like my student Aisha That made made over 40k from a 2k ad spend!!!

Imagine ….she is promoting a digital Course that will give her a commission of 20k selling 2 of the course and earning a commission of. 40k from a 2k budget ad spend is that not interesting

Also, Rukayyah who thought running Facebook Ad is difficult until After she got my Course


  • You don’t need to have a Laptop to run Facebook and Instagram Ad
  • You don’t need to have a high Ad budget before starting to run Ads
  • You can get to learn and start generating leads for your business even if you know nothing about Facebook and Instagram Advertising in just a few days
  • You must not have a website before you can start to generate quality leads

In fact, one of my students who also runs his ads without a website already proved that


Now, what exactly are you learning when you grab the FACEBOOK AND INSTAGRAM ADS COURSE FOR SMARTPHONE?


Firstly, the goal of this Course Is to help you massively increase sales and generate massive quality leads to your WhatsApp (at least 100 leads daily)using Facebook and Instagram ads, to make Massive sales


  • MODULE 1
    Module 1 is dedicated to explaining to you
    • What Facebook Ad is
    • Why do you run Facebook Ads and
    • Things you need before running Ads

  • MODULE 2
    This module has 3 sections and it teaches you the beginner’s guide to setting up your Account to run Facebook Ads.

    >> In SECTION 1 of this module, you will learn how to Create a
    • Business manager
    • Ran Ads account and
    • Set up your Facebook page the right way…

    >> In SECTION 2 of this module, you will learn how to get used to the Interface of the
    • Meta Ads App to read metrics
    • Meta business manager and
    • Meta Business Suite.

    >> In SECTION 3 you will learn
    • How to fund your ad Account and
    • How to sort out all your payment issue

  • MODULE 3
    Module 3 of this training which I named the COMPLETE TARGETING AND AUDIENCE BLUEPRINT is among the most important module of this training because of how important targeting is In Facebook Ad

    The module has 3 Section and here is what you will learn from this section

    >> SECTION 1
    The 3 types of Targeting are

    • Zero Targeting
    • Minor Targeting
    • Major Targeting is

    You will also get A detailed targeting E-book to help you know who your target audience is and how to reach them So you don’t have to crack your head to think of a target audience to use for your ad

    >> In SECTION 2
    You will learn
    • How to Create an Audience for Targeting and Retargeting
    • How to Create a Saved Audience
    • How to Create Costume Audience and
    • How to create a Lookalike Audience

    >> IN SECTION 3 you will learn about Ad Creative Research and How to come up with crazily good ad copy that pulls your target audience through creative research and powerful sites

    You will learn the following Detail…..
    •  Hacks on how to Spy on Other Successful Advertisers
    • A powerful Site to get a killer Ad Creative
    • A powerful Site to get killer Ad Copy and
    •  How to use bold Text on your Ad copy

  • MODULE 4
    This module also has 3 section

    >> In section 1 you will learn how about the 3 levels of setting up an Ad that is
    • The Campaign Objective level
    • The set level
    • The Ad level than the
    • What placement is and how to choose the right placement

    >> In SECTION 2 you will learn how to warm up your Ad Account to Avoid Restriction by setting up a
    • Page likes Campaign and
    • Post Engagement Campaign

    >> In SECTION 3 you will learn
    • How to set up lead generation Ads without a website (My students have used this to start generating leads for their business just by running Ads directly to their WhatsApp).
    • How to set up an Ad to get people to engage with you on WhatsApp without a website

    >> In SECTION 4 you will learn
    • How to set up a Conversion Ad for lead generation that will pull out traffic
    •And how to create and install pixel to track event

    >> In Section 5 you will learn
    • How to Connect your Instagram page to Facebook
    • How to run Instagram Ads from Instagram
    • How to run Instagram Ads from Instagram

  • MODULE 5
    You will know about the solution to the common Facebook Ad problem and their Solutions, this module has 2 section

    >> In SECTION 1 you will learn
    • how to get back a restricted Ad Account
    • How to get back a restricted Facebook page

    >> In SECTION 2 you will learn
    • How to design an ID with your Smartphone to get back your restricted Facebook Account


This course is not for everyone; It’s specifically created to help

  • Affiliate marketers who are tired of little or no sales and want to learn how to generate leads and make massive sales
  • Business owners that want to 10X their Sales by generating quality leads of buyers
  •  Complete beginners who want to have a digital skill so they can make money online.
  • Digital Course Creators that want to promote their Course and
  • Anyone out there selling online to maximize and double their sales

This video course will work for you even…
If you’re a complete beginner that doesn’t know anything about advertising or you’ve been running ads on Facebook and Instagram and have not gotten any results.


Now if you get to pay N120k for the Facebook And Instagram Ads Course it’s a good deal right?

Yeah! The total worth of what you’re getting is over 120k

But no, you are not paying anything close to that.

You’re not even paying N100k.

Guess what you are not paying even 50,000?


The course is just 30k

But if you can get it within 24 hours, then you can get the course with just 15,000

Yes! you read that well ONLY 15,000

Even though
The total value of everything you’re getting, worth N120,000

Because the deal is to…

  • Help you generate quality leads that will make you at least 5-6 figures in a week
  • Save you 4 months of trial and error and spending hundreds of thousands trying to figure it out yourself


But you can get the Course with just 15,000

In the next 1 month from today, you will look back, and thank yourself for getting this Course 100% guaranteed


Even though this blueprint is already full of value and worth every dime I charge for it…

But still, that’s not all! You’re getting access to special bonuses too

Because I figured out there are still some valuable tools and skills you will need to make everything easy for you…

That is why I have decided to give you Five massive bonuses alongside the blueprint for FREE.

because they are free doesn’t make them not valuable…

In fact, the total cost of these bonuses is over 53k

But since it will make your work easy, which is what I want, then I am going to give them to you absolutely FREE

So here are the Five Bonuses

  • Bonus 1:
    You will learn how to automate responses in your inbox using the quick autoresponder fix formula because that will help you to cope with a sudden influx of new leads in your WhatsApp

    You will also learn how to automatically save the contacts of these leads so managing hundred of leads will not stress you.

    The 2 tools are worth 11k but you are getting them for FREE if you get this blueprint today

  • Bonus 2:
    Access to my Private Exclusive Mentorship and Support group of Facebook ads specialists who are driving leads to the WhatsApp daily

    Just in case you get stuck in your implementation…

    Or you are getting Confused

    Or you just need an expert’s view on a particular angle…

    Then this group will be there to serve your needs.

    You can drop questions there anytime and get quick responses from competent Facebook Ads experts

    This ensures that no one is left behind in the aspect of implementation.

    Access to the support group costs 15,000 but you get this absolutely free when you get the guide today.

  • Bonuses 3

    You will get access to my mini graphic designing Course there you will Learn how to design your creatives fliers and covers that you can use to run ads

    This mini graphic designing course is Worth 5k but you are getting it for FREE today

  • Bonuses 4

    You will get access to my mini video editing course, the purpose of this course is to show you how you can edit your video creative to be sharp and Converting when running Ads

    This mini video editing course is also worth 5k but you are getting it for free today

  • Bonus 5:
    You will get to learn how to design a professional landing page even if you have never designed one before.

    The Mimi blueprint for learning this landing page design worth 10k but you are getting it for free

All these bonuses are structured such that they fit into everything you will need to find the blueprint FACEBOOK AND INSTAGRAM ADS FOR SMARTPHONE easy to you…

And if you’re a fast action taker that grabs this; Then you can have both the blueprint and free Bonuses with just 15k Today



Look, I’m so confident this blueprint will be a breath of fresh air to your business, but I know you might feel it somehow before rushing to get the Course.

Because of That, I am giving you a Money back guarantee that if you learn and implement what is in the Course but still didn’t see the result

You have up to 30 days to request a refund and your money will be refunded in full with an apology letter.

I am giving you this assurance because I stand behind this training firmly. I know if you put what you learn to use, you will definitely see results just like my other students


So what is it gonna be?

Are you going to jump on this opportunity to get the course?

Or Are you planning to close this page and forget everything you read here?

Forget that you were even shown a way you can learn how to generate massive leads to your DM

Forget that you were even told the SECRET that they Don’t want you to know

Are you going to ignore all of these?

Or are you going to take that chance now?!

That one opportunity to change the money game of your business

That one opportunity to 10x your sales within the next few days

That one opportunity to win that sales challenges they are winning

And while you are at it…

You are making cool cash for yourself as a marketer…

That will be enough for you to scale up your business and have…..

Enough Money to take care of your personal need and live that lifestyle you are dreaming

If you want that

Then I highly recommend you…

Grab This $30 (15,000 Naira) Discount Now Before The Price Goes Up To $270 (123,000 Naira).

After Payment, You’ll Be Redirected To The Course Area Where You Get Instant Access To This Video Course and my Private Exclusive Mentorship and Support Group

Price will increase Soon
I’ll see you inside

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