​Escape the Limits of Naira: Learn How to Earn in Dollars by Publishing on Kobo

​The  video ​below ​explains how to ​earn in dollars ​publishing books on ​Kobo Writing Life
“​In the video above, all your questions are answered and all the shortcuts are shown”
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Dear Soon to be ​Kobo Millionaire,

​Did you know that at the time of this writing, one dollar is equal to N720?This means that living costs and consumption prices are likely to continue rising, putting financial pressure on individuals who earn salaries in Naira.Consider someone who earns a monthly salary of N50,000. Even if they save every penny of their salary, it will take them a full year to save up to N600,000. However, if they were to exchange this amount to dollars, they would only have about $800 for an entire year.To combat inflation and the devaluation, it’s important to start earning in foreign currencies. While there are many ways to do this, Kobo Writing Life stands out as one of the easiest and most genuine methods. By simply publishing a book on the platform, ​you can earn money in dollars or euros.This business model doesn’t require much expertise and can be done from anywhere, making it an ideal option for those seeking additional income. With Kobo Writing Life, ​you can earn money without any prior writing experience.Unfortunately, only a small number of Nigerians are aware of this opportunity. That’s why I am bringing it to your attention.Congratulations on discovering this potential source of income.

Here are some testimonies from some of my students who are now earning in dollars

A student got his payment

Favour Did $23 in less than 3 days

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​So, What is Kobo Writing Life?

​Kobo Writing Life is a self-publishing platform founded by Michael Tamblyn, in Canada. It provides everyone with an easy way to publish and sell eBooks on Kobo’s online bookstore. With Kobo Writing Life, you can create your book, upload the manuscript, set the price, and publish the eBook on Kobo’s platform. This allows you to reach readers worldwide and earn royalties on each sale. ​

​Why Should You Publish With Kobo?

Kobo writing life provides everyone with an opportunity to live their dream of becoming a published author.

Kobo has a strong presence in many countries, including Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and France, making it easier to get your eBook in front of readers worldwide. This means that when you publish your ebook, you are giving more than 275 million customers per week the opportunity to interact with your ebook content.Unlike other publishing sites that require exclusive rights to publish your work, Kobo Writing Life allows you to retain control and publish your eBook with them and other publishers. This means that you have the flexibility to reach a broader audience without being tied down to a single platform. Kobo supports authors and provides an opportunity to enter the global market. In addition, Kobo provides its own eBook subscription service, called “Kobo Plus,” which is comparable to the popular Kindle Unlimited. As an author, you have the option to include your eBook in this service, expanding your reach to a broader audience of readers who prefer to consume books through a subscription model.Overall, publishing with Kobo Writing Life provides a great way for authors to get their work in front of a large and diverse audience while retaining control over the publishing process.

​​What kind of content can you publish on Kobo?

​Kobo Writing Life accepts a wide range of content for publishing on their platform. Here are some examples of the types of content you can publish with Kobo:

  • ​ Novels, including fiction and non-fiction
  • ​Short stories and novellas
  • ​Poetry and collections of poems
  • ​ Graphic novels and comics
  • ​Children’s books and picture books
  • ​Cookbooks and recipe books
  • ​Self-help and personal development books
  • ​Travel guides​
  • ​Educational materials and textbooks
  • ​Biographies and memoirs
  • ​Religious and spiritual ​books
  • ​Business and finance books
  • ​Science fiction and fantasy
  • ​Romance novels and love stories, etc.

​Here’s how publishing with Kobo works

  • ​Upload your book files to Kobo
  • ​Readers c​​​​an purchase your eBook and instantly download it to their device
  • Kobo will pay you book royalties per book sold
  • ​You get paid to your US dollar account every single month

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Below is one of my recent earnings from this business model

During the last three months, I have made more than $1700 

I did over $1700

Here is a video of my payouts

Here’s a Breakdown of How to Earn on ​Kobo

Now, let’s assume you create and publish a book on Kobo and you price the book at $9.99.As a result, if 100 people purchase that book on Kobo in one month,In just one month, that book has earned you $999.In the event that you have more books available on Kobo, with less or higher prices,These books on Kobo generate a lot of income for you each month.Every month, you continue to make money from those books, creating a passive income for yourself.****You might be asking yourself “I’m not a writer now?“Yea, I know you are not a writer, and I’m not a writer either which makes it more interesting.Because you don’t need to be a writer to earn massively from Kobo.At all.Meanwhile, this is a proven way to make at least $5 – $100+ daily on Kobo without any writing skills.Because you can use our EASY WRITING GUIDE as a guide to writing more than 3 books in a day with that your Smartphone.Definitely! You can do this with your Smartphone.As a non-writer, it’s always very easy to write a book following our writing step-by-step guide (You’ll certainly learn this).

​In comparison to other online businesses, Kobo is totally different because:

  • ​Less stressful publishing process
  • ​Little or no time consumption
  • ​Higher royalties than traditional publishing
  • ​No capital required to start publishing
  • ​No requirement for graphic design or writing expertise
  • ​Complete control over the publishing process
  • ​Wide distribution to a global audience
  • ​Option to publish in multiple formats, including eBooks and audiobooks
  • ​No risk of sudden account termination

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A Few ​Testimonials to Prove it Works for Real People

“A soft Review From One of my Students”

Here is a Student of Mine Celebrating His First Order

“Another Student in my Community Made $176 From Just Few books Published”

“Take a Look at What Some of My Students Have to Say About My Mentorship.”

Adediran David Adekunle

About Me

I am the CEO and Co-founder of MIGHTYTECH CONCEPTS(A digital marketing company),For a very long time now, I have been exploring and making figures from the internet.This brought me to remember the beginning of my network marketing career in about 2018. It wasn’t a pretty tale, but that’s a story for another day.In my effort to establish a reliable passive income business after growing weary of network marketing, I gave it up. In my search, I stumbled into this profitable internet business, which has been benefiting me and many other individuals in establishing passive income for ourselves.Right now, my goal is to teach as many people as I can on how to use the same procedure that I and many others have used in creating a passive income system for ourselves.


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​If you looking for a comprehensive solution that will teach you how to make money in dollars through eBook publishing, even if you’re not an established publisher? Look no further than my course “Kobo Writing Life for Smartphone.“This course is specifically designed to provide you with all the knowledge and skills you need to succeed on the Kobo platform. Whether you’re a new author or an experienced publisher, my course is guaranteed to take your eBook publishing game to the next level.By taking my course, you’ll learn valuable insights on how to create and publish eBooks on Kobo Writing Life using just your smartphone, and how to promote your eBooks to a global audience. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to make money in dollars, even if you’re not an established publisher.Not only that, but you’ll also learn how to optimize your eBook listings, create eye-catching cover designs, and effectively sell your eBooks to a global audience. With my course, you’ll have all the tools and knowledge you need to succeed on the Kobo platform.But don’t just take my word for it – I want you to try me yourselfWith the power of Kobo Writing Life and my comprehensive course, you’ll be well on your way to making money in dollars and achieving your financial goals.

What More?

​My step-by-step video guide which has helped lots of people just like you launch their money-making book publishing business on Kobo using my strategies.This is a complete step-by-step video guide on Kobo Writing Life.I bet you’re convinced already that this will definitely work for you.So what are you waiting for? Enroll in my course today and start your journey towards financial freedom through eBook publishing.

Here is What You Get inside this course

#Module 1: ​Overview Of ​Kobo Writing Life

  • ​Introduction To ​Kobo Writing Life
  • ​Staying Safe On ​Kobo Writing Life
  • ​Importance Of Pen Names
  • ​Kobo Account Creation
  • ​Kobo ​Walk-through
  • ​The Do’s and Don’ts of Kobo Publishing
  • ​Creating Your Dollar Account For Payments
  • ​Linking Payment Details To Your ​Kobo Account
  • ​Researching Niche Markets – Finding Profitable Markets
  • ​Pricing Strategy, etc.

#Module 2: ​Introduction to Evergreen Books

  • ​An overview to Evergreen Books
  • ​Evergreen Model Research
  • ​Content creation and titling
  • ​Cover Creation with Canva
  • ​Keyword and Categories Research
  • ​Publishing On ​Kobo
  • ​​Best Category For Evergreen Niches

#Module 3: ​​Introduction to Summary Books

  • ​An overview to Summary Books
  • ​Summary Model Research
  • ​Content creation and titling
  • ​Cover Creation with Canva
  • ​A Guide on Summary Disclaimer
  • ​Publishing On ​Kobo
  • Best Category For Summary Niches

#Module 4: Introduction to Trend Models

  • ​Introduction to Trend Models
  • ​5 channels for Trend Topic Research
  • ​Analyzing Trend Topics
  • ​Book creation and titling
  • ​Cover Creation with Canva
  • ​Keyword and Category Research and Analysis
  • ​Publishing on kobo
  • Best Category For Trend Niches

#Module 5: Introduction to Biography Models

  • ​Introduction to Biography Models
  • Topic Research on Kobo and on Amazon
  • Topic Analysis
  • Book Titling and Guidelines
  • Book Content Creation
  • Book Set-up and Formatting
  • Book Cover Design
  • Book Publishing
  • Best Category For Biography Niches

#Module 6: Introduction to Cook-book Models

  • Introduction to Cookbook Models
  • Topic Research
  • Book Content Creation
  • Book Set-up and Formatting
  • Book Cover Design
  • Book Publishing
  • Best Category For Cookbook Niches
  • Getting Copyright-free Images For Your Cookbook covers

What about BONUSES?

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Our days 100% refund guarantee fully protects you. We will refund your money if you’re not satisfied with the results after taking this course and implementing what you learned, but you must provide practical proof that you did everything and didn’t get results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kobo really profitable

While Kobo is profitable, you need to learn how to make quality books and covers to sell even more effectively.

Does this course apply to smartphone users only?

Not really, because according to the simplicity of this course, it also applies to iphone users.

Can iPhone users get this course?

Yes, they can, according to the explanation above

Do I need to spend money after I’ve paid for this course?

No, you are not.

Once payment is made, what happens next?

You will be directed to the course area where you can watch your training videos right away. The mentorship group link is also be provided to you in your course.

Would you be able to oversee my progress?

The mentorship group will provide guidance, and you must apply all the guides; without your efforts, nothing will work.

I am confused because there are so many Kobo courses now

Certainly, there are different courses out there, but mine is more like a coaching program. It is my goal to ensure that my students are successful in this field by offering training sessions.

To start Kobo publishing, what skills or knowledge do I need?

I’ve always said this, even the professionals were once newbies. As this course is itself a skill, you do not need any proficiency in writing or graphics to take it; you will learn how to create books without knowing how to write and how to design graphics for your books without having any experience in either field.

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DISCLAIMER:The profits, claims, and promises covered in this course are our own results. There is no guarantee that results will be the same for everyone. It is important to keep in mind that your results will vary depending on many factors. Consequently, I have no control over your results.