From a struggling Bakery worker to an Exclusive Fraternity of Wealth builders:

How a mysterious bag changed my life and gave me a path to Financial freedom without begging, stealing, or shedding blood

If you have been to any bakery in Nigeria, you will notice that workers there are usually Extra black  ( they face two types of heat; oven and life ) you need to see the scariest things about the lives of those workers you see in a bakery… and that you are also in the bakery of life facing the heat…

Will you come out as a soft, sweet bread that everyone wants a piece of, or as a piece of charcoal that nobody wants?

Let’s see it together down here!

My name is Ibrahim, and until recently, I was working in bakeries before I got my Financial breakthrough in Benin.

I started working in bakeries at a very young age in Ilorin due to the fact that it is what people around me are doing.

I felt I could carve a decent living out of being a worker in a bakery; because there is a career progression ( crazy but true and dangerous).

Look at this…

Cleaner – Apprentice – junior baker – Master baker 

And this takes nothing less than 15 years of your life to attain mastery in making bread!

A cleaner helps around with sweeping the factory, Cleaning the bread pans, and tidying up the environment…

…and gets paid 350# per day! (hell yes, you heard it right), for someone with family at home, #350 with one loaf (#100). That is the kind of life the cleaners you do see at bakeries live.

I need to show you the deep gutter of things happening in Nigeria so that you will know that poverty really means business in this country…

I started as an apprentice in a bakery in Ilorin, where I earned an average of 500 Naira per day with a loaf of bread as usual…

There are 5 working days in the week, and that earns me #2,500 per week and a cumulative #10,000 per month.

A lot of Nigerians are not far from these numbers I earned, but there is a great difference… In how I earn and how others earn…

If you have watched a Nollywood movie where a judge is sentencing a criminal; you will hear:

This is my judgment, I hereby sentence you to life imprisonment with hard labour!



That is exactly the judgment you will face while you are working in a bakery…( though you did not commit any crime )

Let me show you why…

See the picture below;

I  resumed work as early as 3 pm in preparation for overnight work in the factory ( many work overnight, some work in the afternoon).

..and we work all through the night, till the next morning ( we can work 15 to 20 bags of flour depending on demand)…

Then we all depart to our various homes to go and sleep in anticipation of the next 3 pm when we converge to start another work…

It must have dawned on you now why I said; 

life imprisonment with hard labor”

You just can’t break out easily…!

I work more than every other person out there, but I earn very little!

…remember I said you can progress, I endured the hardship and learned…,

I wanted to go as far as possible,  so I got to the point below…

Unlike my former position, this is quite hard. Apart from the hard work, making good bread is also in your hands…

You make a mistake, and everything in that bakery for that day becomes a waste… and you have to take responsibility for it!

For a #1,200 per day job, you can incur a #30,000 loss. It was dead man's land…, with all odds against you!

I forgot to tell you that there is no job security too, the owner might show up with another person to take your role, with the excuse that he is not pleased with your results.

I am working strenuously and also with job insecurity at the back of my mind…

I must not forget to tell you that you can lose your fingers in a bakery…

…that is the milling machine we used and I am pleased to tell you that I have seen the machine grind fingers to steak! ( close to minced meat )

Blood flowed with a thundering roar that can wake a dead man!

I saw a grown-ass man wet his pants, and weep like a cow that lost its child…  I was momentarily numb!

Is this why we are here?

Work like an elephant, and eat like an ant while hoping we don’t become permanently disabled.

God forbid!

I left Ilorin for Benin with the mindset that I would not be back to a bakery ( even though I went to school, my hand work is this bakery work ).

On the street of Benin, I came to realize, like a flash, the color of poverty Aso Ebi… Chai 

Things were crazily expensive and everything I had saved was gone within the blink of my eye!

Did you just wonder if I was robbed?

I wasn’t!

Benin is structured in a way that you can’t point to what people are doing,

…but your mouth will drop when you see what people are spending!

Things that are expensive in other places are one and a half times more expensive in Benin!

I was living with a friend, in one of the local communities in Benin.

One day, on a Saturday morning, poverty sat me down, and said:  you;

“I will kill you”

Sapa had actually been advising me since I entered Benin, but I was not about to be worried about some advice until poverty came into the picture!

I ran!

…back to where I know…

…back to where it all began; the genesis 

…the sleepless nights 

…the cold hours of the morning 

… the underpaying, overworking job!

The never-ending, never improving job!

Do you want to know what is worse?

There is no wage protection for the one that works in a bakery…

As little as I earned, someone is earning less somewhere…

For the peanuts of a wage I earn, I started again in Benin…

…working over the night and deep into the morning, just to continue the following day.

There were days when the factory could not get their salesperson…

So, I do follow the bus to supply bread to customers…

Crazy as it sounds, but I always want to do my best wherever I am.

… because of what Justin Beiber said in his song, and I roughly quote:

“I give it my all, and if it doesn’t end up happening, I know I tried my best.”

‘’My best won't ever be enough in a bakery’’

I realized in Benin, that as long as I am in a bread bakery, my best won’t ever be enough,

And it won’t be a case of “I tried,” but of “I failed,” if I’m lucky enough to make it out without my fingers turning to meat pie filling!


I grew tired of what I was doing; I couldn’t see how I could GO BIG from this oven; all I could see was how to GO HOME from the larva-hot heat!

…and you are also going through SHEGE, 

a different one, 

However, no SHEGE is more SHEGE than any other SHEGE

…you are also in the bakery of life facing the heat…


If you can tick 4 boxes from the options below, then you must read this to the end; 

…the mysterious bag that will lead you to the fraternity of wealth builders is in the lines below; if

If you checked any 4 of the above boxes, then this is for you!

If not, just close this page because this is about to get wild…

I tiptoed through the thorns of poverty back into a bakery in Benin, and looking back at my steps, I realized I had come a long way and had strived and struggled too much to fail.

Look at me, Look at yourself,

look at us;…

And as for that misguided fellow calling us lazy;  it is not our fault that they are short-sighted, they were raised that way…

I continued my hard-working habit in the bakery keeping in mind that I need a breakthrough…

And it came in a mysterious bag I never thought I would find

As I opened the bag, I found a small card with an invitation to join this secret group of wealth builders…


The next day, I was greeted by a group of people who welcomed me and explained that the fraternity was a group of successful individuals;

… who had come together to share their knowledge and resources to help others build wealth and achieve financial freedom.

I was amazed by the opportunity and decided to join the community…


They provided me with a wealth of information and resources,

including access to exclusive mentorship, from some of the most successful business leaders in the country.

I quickly realized that this group was not just a fraternity, but also a  community of like-minded individuals;

…who were all working towards the same goal: to build wealth and achieve financial freedom.

It is this group that showed me that I have always had what I needed to be successful, just that I was facing the wrong way… 


Doing the wrong things! 

And I can bet my right eye that you also have it in you… 

Let me show you

I shouldn’t have to explain how credible the evidence above is, it is the number one go-to for questions like this…

Isn't it DRIVE that keeps you and me going even in the face of difficulties?

  • The difficult bakery work I showed up at every day, and the difficult work and boss you had…
  • What made us show there the next day is the drive to succeed, to learn, and to improve!
  • The terrible days in school and we did not drop out nor commit suicide…

POSITIVE DRIVE has kept us this far, and if it’s part of the traits of successful people, then CONGRATULATIONS to us in advance…


Why have we not gone into FRAUD and RITUALS as hard as it was?


    • We both could have chosen the easy way out and committed those atrocities in order to escape the bonds of poverty, but we didn’t.
    • INTEGRITY AND DISCIPLINE have been our strong strengths, even if we aren’t saying it out, we are living it.

And guess who else has those strengths?

Yes, successful people are disciplined and resilient…,

Then they must have known something that you and I did not know,


I have never seen an unsuccessful leader! Have you?

See… in order to be successful, you must be a leader, certainly in one field or another.


  • Certain persons must be depending on you…
  • Certain persons must be looking up to you as a mentor or guide…


And we both have people that depend on us and look up to us…

We have displayed strength that others want to emulate,

We are on our way to going big

So let me ask you..


How big do you want to go?


As big as netting this in a single transaction?👇👇👇


In 2023, someone made a million from the group, doing what every member is doing and making money from it!

We aren’t into Ponzi… ( dead that thought )

Using my life as an example…

…remember my struggles in bakeries…

that particular part where I said I do follow the bus to supply bread to customers…


That is me trying to sell something… ( SALES )

…and I learned from the GO BIG or GO HOME community that everyone successful today sells something!

either a product or service!

How much money you make depends on what you are selling and how you are selling it…


This GBGH community was created by Adam Maruf (AJ), a Digital content creator and CEO of Content Villa Enterprise (COVEN), who has generated over $60,000 for his clients through content creation. 


Looking at his ordeals in life and what persons like me have gone through, he decided to make available his secrets for the betterment of persons who have the will, but couldn’t channel it through the right-money path

So, what we do is aggregate wealth through the products you sell and services you can render,

and even if you can’t render anything now, I will show you someone like you…👇👇👇

Look at another young champ going even bigger from this same community👇👇👇


All in this January 2023…, doing things they have been doing before, but this time earning money!

If they keep this up till the end of the year, they will soon be in Forbes 30 under 30…

because they will also raise giants like them.


Since we are not magicians, I will be showing you the bonuses you will gain from this community…,

Bonuses that will net you money in numbers you have never seen… while doing what you have been doing all these while…

Everyone in the world except you is making money doing me; what am I?

There is a single component that connects everyone in this world and yet differentiates Elon Musk from you… from me, 

Every person in the world is doing it, and while Bill Gates is making billions of Dollars from it, you and I rarely feed comfortably from it…


The art of selling; SALES

I was at a time selling bread, and in school, I sold albino rats to final year students…

You’ve also probably sold something at some point in your life…

And then there’s Jeff Bezos (owner of Amazon), the world’s third richest man… Who sells books, cups, clothes, clips, towels, and so on…

Something is clearly wrong with what you sell or how you sell it!

In this fraternity, you will learn how to tackle all difficulties surrounding sales, including…

1. How to effectively communicate the value of your product or services: can be challenging as it requires understanding your target audience and tailoring your message to their specific needs and pain points. It also involves clearly articulating the unique benefits and features of your offering and highlighting how it addresses their problem or fulfills a need.


2. How to handle objections and address your customers’ concerns and rejections: this can be challenging, but it is an important part of sales and customer service. It is important to remain calm and professional when dealing with rejections and not take them personally.


3. How to understand your customers’ communication style and adapting to it: can be a difficult task, as every individual has their own unique way of expressing themselves.

4. How to build relationships in sales: This can be difficult as it requires a combination of skills such as effective communication, active listening, and understanding the needs of the customer. It also requires patience and persistence, as building trust and rapport takes time.


5. How to understand your customer’s needs and tailor your pitch accordingly: It involves identifying the customer’s pain points, goals, and preferences, and aligning them with your product or service offerings. However, it can be difficult to gather this information and effectively communicate it in your pitch.

6. How to manage emotions and feelings of frustration and discouragement: sales is a highly competitive field and it’s easy to get discouraged when facing rejection or lack of success.

7. How to maintain the balance between persistence and aggressiveness when dealing with rejection: can be difficult as it requires a delicate balance of staying persistent in pursuing potential clients while also being respectful of their decision to decline. It is essential to understand that rejection is a natural part of the sales process and not to take it personally.


8. How to manage your time: Time management is a common difficulty faced by sales professionals as they often have to balance tasks such as prospecting, meeting clients, preparing presentations, and following up on leads.


9. How to close deals: Closing deals can be difficult as it often requires persuading the other party to agree to the terms of the deal and making a commitment.


In a few hours of joining the community, people are already making sales in numbers they haven’t before…👇👇👇


What comes to mind when next you hear the word “sales”  will be Money ( Plenty Money )

not How?

( Disclaimer: You may not sell like Jeff Bezos, but you will surely liberate yourself and your family from the grip of SAPA with the number of sales you will be making when you join the community )


Video Advertising: The Most Powerful Tool for Boosting Your Business

Video advertising is quickly becoming the go-to choice for businesses looking to boost their online presence and drive conversions. 

With the power to engage audiences on a deeper level than text or image-based 

ads, video is proven to be more effective at capturing attention and driving results. 

Whether you’re looking to increase brand awareness, drive sales, or generate 

leads, video advertising is the most powerful tool available to help you achieve your goals.



Creating a video that will give you the desired results is not an easy task! 

And that is why this community is here to make video creation easy for you… as a bonus


The following concerns with video creation and editing will be tackled in the community:

1. How to create and edit different kinds of videos such as animations, visual effects, and color correction: It requires a high level of technical skill and knowledge of video editing software.

Animations and visual effects can be challenging to create and require a deep understanding of 3D modeling and compositing techniques. 

Color correction can be a tricky process that requires a good eye for color and an understanding of color theory.


2. How to use video software to tell a story or convey a message: it requires a good understanding of the software’s capabilities and the ability to effectively plan and execute the video content.

It is important to have a clear message and story in mind before starting to film and edit the video. 

It’s also important to be familiar with the editing features and tools of the software, such as cutting, splicing, and adding text or graphics.


3. How to learn and adapt to video editing and creation Software


4. How to navigate the software interface and find necessary tools and features: can be difficult, especially if the interface is complex.

With practice, you can become more proficient in using the software interface and quickly locate the necessary tools and features; 

or you can quickly learn how to find those features in GO BIG or GO HOME Community


5. How to be creative with video editing

All these will be available to you in the community…


Members have been doing wonders with videos since they joined…👇👇👇

Without further ado, let us welcome 


Two people provide the same service; one charge 50,000 naira, and the other charges 500,000 naira. The difference is in the BRANDING!

Doing business alone is not enough, it is a game of margin (profit), and the only thing that can give you a higher margin is BRANDING.

Branding is the foundation of any successful business. It sets you apart from your competitors and establishes a strong emotional connection with your customers.

As usual, people find it difficult to create their own voice with branding, and GBGH will resolve the following for you:


1. How to define a brand’s unique value proposition: A unique value proposition (UVP) is a clear and concise statement that communicates the unique benefit that your brand offers to your customers.

It sets you apart from your competitors and is the foundation of your brand messaging.

It looks simple, but you can’t afford to make a mistake while choosing a UVP. 


2. How to build trust and loyalty: Trust and loyalty are essential for any business, as they are the foundation of long-term customer relationships.

How do you build trust and loyalty? Learn from our community!


3. How to create a consistent brand experience across all touchpoints:  Consistency is key when it comes to building a solid brand, and it can be challenging to ensure that your brand is represented consistently… 

…across all of your marketing materials, website, social media, and customer interactions.


4. How to align the brand’s identity with the company’s mission and values: this can be difficult as it requires a clear understanding of both the brand and the company. It involves identifying the core values and message of the brand and ensuring they align with the company’s mission and values.

Without proper planning and execution, it can be challenging to maintain consistency and integrity in the brand’s message and image.


5. How to create a strong brand identity: requires a deep understanding of your target audience and the market, as well as consistency in messaging and design across all platforms.

It takes time and effort to establish a strong brand identity.

6. How to find a target audience.

Learn the Secrets of Successful Marketing and Take Your Business to the Next Level

Marketing is the process of identifying, anticipating, and satisfying customer needs,

… and wants through the creation, promotion, and distribution of products and services.

A well-executed marketing campaign can help businesses increase brand awareness,..

generate leads and sales, and establish a strong reputation in the industry.

Brand owners struggle with a lot of things when it comes to marketing,

 I have made a list of some of the things you will get clarity on with the GO BIG or GO HOME community:


1. How to create effective marketing campaigns: requires a thorough understanding of your target audience, their needs and pain points, and the best channels to reach them. 

It also requires a clear understanding of your product’s or service’s unique selling points and how to communicate them effectively to your target audience.


2. How to Identify and define the campaign’s goals and objectives: The goals and objectives should be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART). 

It is also essential to align the goals and objectives with the overall business strategy,

 …and to ensure that they are realistic and achievable.

You will learn how to do these while you are with us.


3. How to Select the right channels and platforms to reach the audience: This can be difficult as there are many options available.

It’s a good idea to test different channels and platforms to see which ones perform best before committing to a long-term strategy; 

but before you reach this stage, we will show you how to choose the best channel for your brand.


4. How to Create engaging and visually attractive content: To create effective content, it is important to have a clear understanding of the brand and its tone of voice, as well as the target audience’s preferences and interests. 

Utilizing visually appealing elements such as images, videos, and graphics can enhance the overall look and feel of the content.


5. How to Create a budget and manage expenses: requires a balance between allocating enough resources to achieve desired results and keeping costs under control.

Regularly monitoring and adjusting the budget as needed can help to ensure that expenses stay within the allocated budget

  and the campaign’s objectives are met.


6. How to Adjust and optimize the campaign based on data and feedback: To effectively adjust and optimize a campaign, it is essential to regularly track and analyze key metrics such as website traffic, conversion rates, and engagement rates.

Customer feedback should also be collected and analyzed to understand what is working and what needs improvement.

7. How to scale and expand a  campaign.

This is a never heard of or seen anywhere as a kind of bonus! It is what I call



You will have access to every new, working model of wealth generation in this community.

You will get them as fresh as TODAY’S BREAD from this community. 

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Can I still get these bonusess

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How can I make the most of this opportunity

Can I get this opportunity elsewhere

Cohort 1 is full…

Because there is a limited number of slots for each cohort…

And it is to ensure members are properly attended to, ( Limited seats for each cohort ).

Good news is…

Another Cohort is here…

Only people who sign up for GO BIG or GO HOME cohort 2 will have access to bonuses 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 that are never for sale or available elsewhere other than through this community 

I am asking you to make a fully informed decision, and the only way to make a fully informed decision is on the inside, not outside.

So, get on the inside and see if everything I have said is valuable to you.

If it is, that’s when you decide to join the community, if not, no hard feelings.

The aim is not to keep your money!


If you are not happy, then your money is of no use, 

it will be sent back to you if you have applied the principles in this community and it did not work for you.

If in 30 days, you did not feel like you cheated with the price you paid versus the value you got and the amount of money you will make…


…your money will be refunded to the last penny without any questions.

If you buy today, you will have access to the community immediately, plus bonuses 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 at the cut price of #10,000 only ( Fuck you for lying to me-Money back guarantee ).

…and the price is like that because it is meant to reward fast action-takers ( until cohort 2 is full )


Ps: you and I can both agree that you cannot get this kind of offer from any other place or person; here is why:

Many creators out there believe that the more courses they can create, the more money they will make…

 …forgetting that impact will bring more money than money itself can bring…

But still, they go ahead and create these courses one by one, so that you can always buy something from them.


But here is the problem

Where did you stopped, Where are you going to continue? 

It breaks everything into fragments that you would not know there they are, or what is next to do…

In GBGH community, we are all together, and everything is in one place,

 just one place!

Where you will learn the step -by- step method to go from zero to sales; 


You will:


Congratulations on deciding to join the community…

There is no community today that wont sell new discoveries to you…

They will say, “Members will have a 50% discount.”

In the GO BIG OR GO HOME community, you will get them for free!


PSS: In this present economy, you will agree with me that #10,000 is a very small sacrifice if you look at where you are going,

…what people that have achieved in the same space has sacrificed

…what people have lost in the name of Quick money…

You have to make this small committent fee so that you can get access to 


While you may still be having some doubts, but you can be rest assured…

Your money will be refunded if you dont get the value promised…


If you buy today, you will have access to the community immediately, plus bonuses 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 at the price of #10,000 only ( and  Fuck you for lying to me- 100% Money back guarantee ).