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From the desk of;

Sadiq Robert (KDP Expert)

Abuja, Nigeria

Let me tell you a little secret no one has ever told you before.

If I tell you to give me $25 and get $530 in 90 days will that sound like a profitable deal to you

You don’t even have to wait for 90 days to go home with $500 if you follow a proven step.

I believe there is money in every palm, it depends on what palm is touching.

The last time I begged for money was when I had no digital skill in 2019.


You will agree with me that even with digital skills, some persons still beg for money.

This is because they lack one thing, which is!

Clarity! they lack clarity, and clarity is what amazon kDP growth hormone program offers!

Before I start, let me show you how other people who are using this same method.

This is Zuliahat, I call her kdp goddess, over five months into Amazon kdp without results, I manage to give her clarity on Amazon and even without publishing, she makes more than $100 monthly from one of her account.

Ademola Wasiu here, had to borrow money and pay in exchange of knowledge after already purchasing other non valuable Amazon courses.

I ask again

If I told you to invest less than $25 and learn this business model and earn over $714 in less than 30 days, will that sound profitable to you??

I have met a lot of people trying to publish books on Amazon kdp and earn money

But majority that are not earning money lacks one common thing which is CLARITY


Uncovering a keyword niche score on Amazon requires you have full CLARITY on keyword research and this is less complicated as the Amazon kdp GHP has a solution for you.

Here is EMEKA whom is a full time busy guy struggling with the challenges of the country but learnt how to create TIME for book publishing and make money every month

A sit at home mum who lacked CLARITY on Amazon KDP for 6 months without earning a $$ till she met me in December and her story changed. She applied my QBO methods and mad over $260 in less than 90 days

The more you feel lazy about Amazon kdp, the more you are losing money and when mercy realized this, her game on kdp changed complete and she often disturbs us with sales daily


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(Meet Bob Sadiq)

Bob Sadiq is an Amazon KDP trainer and book publishing enthusiast who has over the time, helped train over 510 students on Amazon kdp with the serious minds doing multiple figures monthly on Amazon. The amazon kdp GHP was created in other to show publishers why they are not making sales and what they need to do to make sales with book marketing strategies giving them full CLARITY about amazon kdp

This program covers several answers to newbie publishers who don’t know how to utilize their phone or laptop to win , old publisher who lost their accounts or are not performing to their expectations and struggling publishers.

Toyin Omotoso

CEO – Expertnaire

Legal Naira

Business Influencer/Top YouTuber


This your Kdp Growth Hormone Program would be and is already a blessing to Thousands of people. I appreciate your efforts in trying to carry everyone along, your responsiveness to your students is superb. Sometimes I wonder,  Do you even sleep?? Me rushing to your DM around 3 am to ask a question and you are there to answer. Brother you have done your part now it’s left to us.


“No cap, bro! That’s just one special character I cherish most about him. Always available and ready to answer your question. He has always been attending to my questions even before I became his student. (Baba is not biased) Keep the good work going boss…. May God reward you abundantly

In this academy, you will be learning:

SECTION ONE –Introduction to the Amazon business 

✓Introduction into the business model you are about to start 

✓The hacks on how to stay safe without account termination on amazon kdp while you make money

✓Proper training on the different book models 

✓How to create multiple payment channels that can guarantee your payment royalty from amazon

✓How to set up your amazon account and start Publishing


✓ The necessary tools, extensions used in amazon kdp and how to get access to all

✓ Tools for getting royalty free images to avoid copyright

✓ Tools for generating premium content 

✓ Exposure to different AI tools aside ChatGPT for easy writing

✓ Professional book formatting video and pen name generation tools

✓ Different paraphrasing tools and free premium tools for paraphrasing

✓How to generate content using YouTube


✓A complete training on trends models

✓How to play safe with trends model topics and the exact topics to avoid

✓Detailed research training on trending topics in our target market

✓How to identify profitable tangible trends that sell like crazy

✓ Best trend model formatting technique on different niches like disease outbreak, scientific discoveries, memoir, politics etc…


✓The Do’s and Don’ts of Summary Models.

✓The most profitable summary model niches and how to penetrate them

✓The free and premium sites for generating summary models content

✓How to publish summary models without getting your books  blocked.

✓ The proven methods to getting your summary live without account ban


✓ Keyword research masterclass on how to win

✓ Detailed training on how to model COOKBOOKS

✓ Profitable methods of publishing travel guides

✓ The relationship niche and how to personalize a book

✓ The health niche proper training video

✓ Exposure to 6 highly profitable evergreen niches and how to work with each

✓ How to publish paperback and hardcover


✓ How to run profitable amazon ads

✓ How to create an author central account

✓ How to create A plus contents

✓ How to add extra profitable categories to your books

✓ How to publish books in series 

✓ How to promote your books outside

✓ How to brand on amazon and mak

e more money


✓You will have access to done-for- you templates on summary model keywords, book description and format #10,000

✓ You get over 600 free keywords on health niche, cookbooks, travel guides, self help, religion, business and relationship #20,000

✓ You get access to earning multiple rewards like access to publisher rocket, cash, and other premium tools if you stand a chance to become the best student of the month #priceless

✓ Access to free trending topics to work on and how to work on each # 15,000

✓ A one on one session with Bob Sadiq #200,000

✓ Full time support group where you meet other publishers too on telegram and WhatsApp #20,000

✓ Life time mentorship support training sessions on Telegram –  priceless


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Bruce Lee once said, when the student is ready, the master will appear

This means that, if you want to take your kdp business to the next level, then you will know what to choose

This programs gives you complete access to bob Sadiq and you can go on even call sessions when you need him

This program also guarantees success with just a few books on your dash books on your dashboard and it should be your final bus stop to buying kdp courses as it will be upgraded for you from time to time.

Product Disclaimer:The profits, claims, and promises covered in this course are our own results. There is no guarantee that results will be the same for everyone. It is important to keep in mind that your results will vary depending on many factors. Consequently, I have no control over your results.

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