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Sure! you will learn from this course all the following about Occupational English Test (OET):

  1. Understand the test format: Familiarize yourself with the structure of the OET exam. Understand the sections, tasks, and time limits for each component of the test. This will help you manage your time effectively during the exam.

  2. Study the OET content: Review the language skills and vocabulary required for your profession. The OET exam focuses on healthcare-related scenarios, so make sure you are familiar with medical terminology and expressions used in your field.

  3. Practice under exam conditions: To build your confidence and improve your performance, practice completing OET practice tests under timed conditions. This will help you get used to the format and pacing of the exam.

  4. Develop your reading skills: Read a variety of healthcare-related materials such as medical journals, case studies, and patient reports. This will help you improve your comprehension skills and familiarize yourself with the types of texts you may encounter in the reading section.

  5. Enhance your writing skills: Practice writing formal letters, referral letters, and other types of documents commonly used in healthcare professions. Pay attention to the specific requirements of the writing tasks in the OET exam, such as the word count and tone.

  6. Improve your listening skills: Listen to a range of healthcare-related audio materials, such as lectures, presentations, and patient consultations. Focus on understanding the main ideas, key details, and any specific instructions provided.

  7. Practice speaking in a professional setting: Find opportunities to practice your speaking skills in a professional context. Role-play scenarios commonly encountered in healthcare settings, such as patient consultations or discussing treatment plans with colleagues.

  8. Seek feedback: Ask a teacher, tutor, or native English speaker to provide feedback on your practice tests and language skills. They can help identify areas where you need improvement and provide guidance on how to enhance your performance.

  9. Time management: During the exam, be mindful of the time allocated for each section and task. Practice managing your time effectively during your preparation so that you can complete all tasks within the given time limits.

  10. Stay calm and confident: On the day of the exam, try to stay calm and focused. Remember to read instructions carefully and double-check your answers before submitting them.

Remember, consistent practice and familiarity with the OET exam format are key to success. Good luck!

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Are you still looking and yet to decide which way to go between OET and IELTS?

I am happy I passed my exam today, this is my first time. Thank you so much L = 370 W = 380 R = 390 S = 400
Osama Abdullahi



Great job! With a 99% success rate, your hard work and determination have paid off. Keep aiming higher and never lose faith in yourself - you will overcome any obstacle.

The writing sub-test of OET assesses your ability to write a letter based on a given case scenario.

Here are some tips to help you with OET writing:

  1. Understand the task: Read the case notes carefully and understand the requirements of the task. Pay attention to the purpose, audience, and the format of the letter you need to write.

  2. Plan your response: Take a few minutes to plan your letter before you start writing. Outline the main points you want to address, and consider the structure and organization of your letter.

  3. Use appropriate tone and language: Remember that you are writing a professional letter, so use formal and polite language throughout. Maintain a professional tone and avoid using jargon or slang.

  4. Address all the points: Make sure you address all the points mentioned in the case notes. Structure your letter into paragraphs, with each paragraph focusing on a specific point.

  5. Use examples and relevant details: Support your points with examples or relevant details from the case scenario. This will show your understanding of the situation and help to make your letter more convincing.

  6. Use appropriate grammar and vocabulary: Pay attention to grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Use a range of vocabulary, but avoid using overly complex words or phrases if you are unsure of their usage.

  7. Time management: Manage your time wisely during the writing sub-test. Allocate enough time for planning, writing, and proofreading your letter. Keep an eye on the clock to ensure you complete the task within the given time limit.

  8. Proofread your letter: Before submitting your letter, take a few minutes to review and proofread it. Check for any grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, or inconsistencies. Make sure your letter flows logically and coherently.

Remember, practice is key to improving your OET writing skills. Try to practice writing letters based on different case scenarios to become more familiar with the format and requirements of the test. Good luck!

You will Learn In This Course

In the Occupational English Test (OET) Writing section, you must write a professional and concise description based on the given task. The writing task typically involves describing a patient’s condition, medical history, or an event related to healthcare. The purpose of the description is to provide accurate and relevant information to the intended recipient, who is usually a healthcare professional.


We cover:

1- How to write a letter regardless of your prior knowledge

2-Letter Criteria, Planning and writing

3-What to do and not do

In this course, we are going to discuss all the types of OET letters, including:

  1. Referral Letters

  • GP-GP referral

    • Old GP

    • New GP

  • GP- Specialist

  • Allied Health Referral

2.  Allied Health Referral:

  • RPOC

    • Rehabilitation

    • Physiotherapy

    • Occupational Therapy

    • Community Nurse

3-Urgent Letter

4-Update Letter

5- Transfer Letter


When writing a description for the OET Writing Test, it is essential to keep the following points in mind:

  1. Task Response: Carefully read the task prompt and ensure that your description addresses all the key points mentioned. Make sure to focus on the specific details asked for in the task.

  2. Clarity and conciseness: Write in a clear and straightforward manner, using precise language to convey your message effectively. Avoid using jargon or technical terms that may not be familiar to the reader. Keep your description concise, adhering to the word limit provided.

  3. Organization and Structure: Organize your description in a logical and coherent manner. Use paragraphs to separate different aspects or stages of the description. Begin with an introduction that sets the context, followed by the main body providing the relevant details, and conclude with a summary or closing statement.

  4. Grammar and Vocabulary: Pay attention to grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Use a variety of appropriate vocabulary to demonstrate your language proficiency. Avoid repetition and use synonyms or related terms to enhance the quality of your writing.

  5. Accuracy and Relevance: Ensure that the information you provide is accurate, relevant, and directly related to the task. Use facts, figures, and specific examples whenever possible to support your statements.

  6. Tone and register: Maintain a professional tone throughout your writing. Use appropriate language and registers that are suitable for a healthcare setting. Avoid overly informal or colloquial language.

  7. Proofreading and Editing: Take the time to proofread your description before submitting. Check for errors, coherence, and overall clarity. Make any necessary revisions or edits to improve the quality of your writing.

Remember, the purpose of the OET Writing section is to assess your ability to communicate effectively in a healthcare context. Practice writing descriptions using healthcare-related scenarios and seek feedback to improve your skills.

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The OET is perfect for healthcare professionals wishing to practice or study in an English-speaking country. It emphasizes reading, writing, listening and speaking skills for the medical industry and simulates real-life healthcare scenarios. Take the necessary steps to achieve your goals with OET!


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Today is your lucky day! You can save 50% and achieve your financial goals with our amazing offer. Seize this opportunity and take control of your financial future! Every positive step counts towards your success.



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