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What Do You Get From this Training?



1. Publishing Skills:

You’ll learn virtually all the necessary skills related to publishing which can enable you to get a job in a traditional publishing house.



2. Book Cover Design:

Our students use the graphic design skills we teach them to design their book covers and even design graphics and flyers for people and get paid



3. Networking:

Signing up today will allow you to network with hundreds of other like-mind publishers, and you can share ideas and learn from each other.



4. Flexibility

You will learn to create different types of books you see in real life; content book, photobook, coloring book etc.



5. Passive Income:

Above all, the AKM masterclass biggest aim is to teach you how to make good books which you can sell on Amazon KDP. Know this; Amazon KDP is not a get-rich-quick scheme, you must put up the work first to get the desired results!


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What Makes this Masterclass Different...



1. Account Creation Module:

You’ll learn how to set up your account properly and how to get a dollar account for FREE



2. Non-fiction Module:

Videos on different types of books you will want to create, from travel guide to how-to books etc.



3. Fiction Module

If you want to create short novels, then we have everything for you ready. we have demonstrated how you can create short novels such that sells on Amazon marketplace



4. Medium Content Books

Coloring books and photobooks is part of our training. It’s time to create that your favorite children story books



5. Advance Publishing:

How about some advance some skills not everyone else have like:

  • Adding 8 more categories to your book
  • A+ content creation
  • Advance cover design
  • Series book creation
6. Support Group:


Nothing beats a very responsive group where all your queries are been attended to. We make sure we provide one for you!


Bonus (Extras)

1. ChatGPT Revolution Course:

A course where we teach 20 skills you can work with the famous ChatGPT artificial intelligence tool. These skills can help you offer services and get paid highly for it


2. Dream AI Text-to-Image Generator:

Learn how to create stunning images by simply writing the visual description of it, while the AI generates the image for you!



3. Book Templates:

Nothing beats ready-made-for you book template, which you can just pick and use


Total value = 50,000 you get them all for FREE, once you register for the Amazon KDP Masterclass training


Register today and start publishing your way to financial freedom!




N15,000 Price Goes to N30,000 Soon Grab the KDP Masterclass and the ChatGPT Course FREE Today!

NOTE: This training is not a get rich-quick-scheme, this is a skill which you can use to get the desired results. If you are not okay with that, this training is not for you!

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