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Amazon KDP and Rake Up to $400-$1200 Every Single Month Without Stress.
This method doesn’t involve you having to publish too many books and
the funniest thing is that only a few people publishing on Amazon KDP knew this dread secret!.

This niche is not saturated, and the Method is highly untapped and very profitable.

See for yourself!

This is called the Hybrid Book Model!

Dear Reader

If you’re looking to start a profitable Amazon KDP business that will take you from zero to your first $1,200 online without having to publish 40-80 books, then stick with me cos I have something very important to share that will be of immense benefit to you.

This information would ultimately help you generate a massive and steady flow of passive income every month.

The funniest thing is that you don’t have to be a writer or need a writing skill to do this…

With this method…

You don’t need a long and boring 90-page or 100-page book to rake your first $400 or less in 90 days. yes! This is guaranteed!

Let’s face it, what does making an extra $400 or $1200 every month do, I bet it will do a lot…

Most especially in this our harsh economy, in case you don’t know

According to the Nigeria Bureau of Statistics (NBS)

65% of persons living in Nigeria (133 million people) are multidimensionally poor. 86.1 million live in the North, while 35% of nearly 47 million live in the South.

Simply put…

Assuming you make an average of just $400 monthly (at worst) with this system while bearing in mind that a Dollar is currently trading at ₦1,100.

And if you were able to make $4800 in one year, that is over ₦5 million plus…yes … it is even ₦5,280,000.. yes, you heard me!

I guarantee you; I don’t think any graduates can earn this in one year… that’s the fact… And Fact Don’t lie!

And more importantly a month’s earnings amount to

$400 X ₦1100 = ₦444,000

Surely you would fancy making an extra ₦440,0,000 naira every month, would you?  After all who doesn’t want to be financially free….

Who Am I And Why Should You Listen To Me?

My name is Med Adam. And my online journey kickstarted around 2017.
I’m not here to tell you to cook and bull story about my story from rag to riches. In fact I was never poor!

I was a scientist and researcher and being that… built that passion for learning new things in me. This geared me toward digital marketing and entrepreneurship.

Since that time, I have tried a bunch of online businesses which has generated massive results for me.
What’s more is amazing that,I have recorded massive success in teaching other young Nigerians how to start a business and make a living doing businesses online.

Over the last 7 years, I have directly coached countless students on different ways of making money online like affiliate marketing, CPA marketing. drop shipping, drop servicing, freelance, and Amazon KDP.

From my utmost experience when it comes to making money
online, Amazon KDP is arguably one the best online business
models that I have reordered several successes with my students.

Whilst following my KDP HYBRID MODEL method,

Most of my students who started with no prior experience are
doing at least
, ₦444,000 monthly. And you too can be one of them…

I strongly believe this amount is more than enough to take
care of their steady bills that won’t stop coming. Yea! Everyone has to pay

Why Amazon KDP is Your Best Bet

Let’s face it, Amazon KDP is arguably one of the most profitable online businesses that is capable of generating consistently passive income for you, even while you are snoring in your dreamland.

The basic catch here is, that once you create a book, you will end up consistently earning from that book (this is what we call passive income).

Amazon KDP is a business you can do in your leisure time while focusing on your day-to-day activities.

Whether you are a student, a 9-5 worker, or a seasoned pro, you can do this without it interfering with your present-day routine.

This can be done anywhere and anytime you deem fit…

In a nutshell, Amazon KDP is a business of self-publishing books on the Amazon.com website.

Speaking of Amazon.com: it is an e-commerce platform where people from all over the world buy books, gadgets, kitchenware, you name it!

But what we are focusing on is the part of Amazon.com that deals with books.

That is where we come in…

KDP is the book section of the Amazon.com marketplace, and it gives independent author (for example YOU and I) from all over the globe the perfect opportunity to sell our book to their massive audience for FREE!

With this…

You will have the utmost control over your publishing and pricing as much as you can…

With this method, I will be showing you,

You don’t need to know how to write a book before you can become a publisher on Amazon. And fluency in English is not compulsory.

In as much as you read and compose simple sentences, then you are good to go.

All you just need is…

  1. Laptop or smartphone
  2. Internet connection
  3. Will and desire to learn and implement what you learned.

How Do You Earn As An Author / Publisher on Amazon KDP

Well, this is simple and one of the most intriguing parts, let me show you how the whole scenario works…

Make sure you stick with me and shun any form of distraction!

Let’s take for instance Mr. A publishes 10 books and makes $4 from each sale,

By following our Hybrid Book model, you should be guaranteed a minimum of at least 50-100 orders monthly!

Yes, because it is possible using the HBM method..

And moreover, that is even a fraction of billions of massive buyers that visit amazon.com daily. (please refer to Google and verify this claim).

Let’s do the math below…

$4 x 100 orders give you an astonishing $400 in a month

with the dollar trading at ₦1,100

$400 monthly gives you ₦440,000.

this figure is small when compared to what my students are currently making…

simple put…

I strongly believe making an extra ₦440,000 every month wouldn’t be small considering the level of our Nigerian economy of today!

And with this as a start-up, you could be on your way to making some serious steady passive income from Amazon KDP in no time…

this will enable you to be able to afford that dream life of yours and most importantly be financially free…


And also bear in mind that this will enable you to stop depending on family and friends for urgent needs and any other need that might arise.


Let’s think of it we all have dreams we what to achieve, like doing things we want at our own phase, traveling for holidays, buy things we want, that dream car, that dream house, you just name it…


With this system, you can consistently earn 6-7 figures in your bank account monthly with ease…


if newbies can make $400 – $1200, what about you?


one of my students Ismail who has struggled recently is making $525 with just 14 Books implementing The Hybrid Book Model Strategy system he learned.

Another student Mr. Qazeem who struggles to make a dime on KDP, Now he is earning $300 with ease.

What makes this System Different from any other Book publishing on Amazon KDP?

Let me explain in a minute.

Cast your mind back to primary school, each of us one way or the other passes through it, Right! now we might be having our nephew or even our kids at this level.

And one way or the other we do buy books for them based on the class they belong to.

After buying those books, take for instance verbal reasoning, we also buy another book like a workbook to complement the first one. 

like they read the first one and they write and implement what they learned in the second one…

that is exactly what I’m talking about,

hope you understand this…

What I will be showing you is how to professionally create those types of workbooks/companion books with ease…

But .. Wait..  this is not how to create your regular wedding memos, dossiers, journals, and notebooks that are all over the place on Amazon. You won’t make a dime doing that…

Mind you. I’m not saying you won’t make money, but the competition with those books is pretty saturated…

only the grace of God will make earn money from those books…

The Workbooks you will be creating are for those that will complement books that are already Successful on Amazon KDP which in turn will make us money when people order those books together with ours.

This method is highly untapped and I suggest that you jump on this as soon as you can…

This is because only a few people knew about this hack! and you now! while reading this…

Join the train early and you too can start profiting from this system like crazy!


Now, you might be wondering…

This sounds awesome,

how do I profit from this lucrative business model?

Your answer is pretty simple…

Set a goal and commit to it… and be ready to do all that it takes to get to the promised land.. if you can’t do that.

I’m sorry I can’t help…

but if you are ready to make that tiny sacrifice and do what it takes to make that extra ₦440,000 while you sleep on a passive income monthly.

Feel free to continue reading…

How would you feel, if I was to show you how you can make between ₦440,000- ₦1,320,000 within the next 90 days utilizing the Hybrid Book Model?

I bet you would…

Join me as I introduce to you….

Amazon KDP Hydrid Book Cash Secrets

Amazon KDP Hydrid Book Cash Secrets

This Book model is the ultimate solution for you to start making those figures from Amazon KDP without having to publish over 50 books and rake your first $400 in less than 90 days with ease. This is guaranteed!

With this system, you need not worry about when your next sale is gonna come, because it is guaranteed you will start making money from your very next month.

The books you will be creating are already in a sales rush and massive customers are already waiting to pick them up.

As I emphasized earlier, this is not your usual KDP low-content book  (e.g. Notebooks, journals, dossiers) that is so saturated that you will be fasting and praying to make your first sales.

Furthermore, this is not even about creating books on modeling, pitch, trends, and evergreen books….

It’s not even about creating a storybook

You might be thinking about cookbooks!

Oh, I gosh I’m sorry to disappoint you, You are not even close!

Below is What You Would be Getting If you hop in and Join The Amazon KDP Hybrid Cash Secrets Today

 Module One

Unleashing The Amazon KDP Mindset for Success

In this module, I will be delving into mind-blowing tips and hacks on how to cultivate a winning mindset that has helped me rake my first six figures on Amazon KDP and how you too can do the same by copying my strategy

Value: Priceless

Module Two

Foreign Bank Account Creation, KDP Account Creation, And Essential Addons To Download

In this module, we shall be looking at how to open our foreign bank account to receive your royalties from Amazon, then followed by KDP account creation.

This is due to the fact that during our KDP account creation, we will be prompted to enter our foreign bank details, which we already have because that’s what we created first.

This will make our KDP account creation seamless and easy.

Finally, we will be introducing essential add-ons you need to install for smooth a KDP publishing journey.

Value: ₦10,000

Module Three

Introduction To Amazon KDP Hybrid

In this module, I will explain what hybrid books are, we shall also be learning, their outlines, and criteria for writing them

Value: ₦15,000

Module Four

Do’s and Don’ts of KDP Hybrid Workbook

You will quite agree with me that every publisher’s goal is to remain in this publishing business for a very long time. This can only be achieved if you strictly follow Amazon rules and protect your account from termination.

This module will also show you how to avoid trademark titles and safely publish workbooks on Amazon without them coming for you.

Value: ₦15,000

Module Five

Hybrid Workbook Keyword Research

The method for Keyword research for workbooks is quite different from the normal way of doing keyword research.

So in this module, I will be exposing you to various ways of getting bestselling books you need to write workbooks for using various essential addons we have installed in module two.

Value: ₦10,000

Module Six

Amazon KDP Hybrid Workbook Content Creation

In this module, I will show you how to professionally create content for your workbook, check for errors, and plagiarism, and ultimately make sure it is in line with Amazon KDP content guidelines.

Value: ₦15,000

Module Seven:

Book Formatting And Cover Creation

In this module, I will show you how to professionally format your workbook like a pro that will woo your audience.

I will also show how to create appealing book covers in line with Amazon guidelines.

Value: ₦10,000

Module Eight

Book Description And Keyword

In this module, I will show you how to professionally craft a description. I will also delve into the component of an engaging book description. You will also learn how to come up with a good buyer-searched keyword for your workbooks.

Value: Priceless

Congrats on sticking up to this moment…

This is not all! There’s even more!

If you are one of those people to enroll in the Amazon KDP Hybrid Cash Secrets today, you stand a chance to enjoy these exclusive mouthwatering bonuses!


Bonus One       

You Get an Exclusive Access to my publisher’s Telegram community

Value: N20,000

Bonus Two

How to Get Premium Apps and Content For Free!

Value: Priceless

Bonus Three

You will Get Access to My Collection of Winning Prompt and Library of Bestselling Book templates.

Value: Priceless

Bonus Four

You will Get Access Collection of 30 Bestselling Books you can start writing Workbooks for. (this is limited

due to influx of student joining the training)

Value: Priceless

I know what you may probably be thinking right now…

After all this, I’m interested and want to sign up.


How much will it going to cost me?

Before I answer this, this is what you must know!

I could easily decide to price this training for ₦100,000 or more which of course would still be a great deal for both of us.

Taking into account all the library of the efforts I’ve put together in this training to make you earn money with little effort while following the Hybrid Model Method, which is guaranteed to make you ₦440,000 a month.

In addition to this, you don’t need to go through the try-and-error route that I have been through.

The simple truth here is that the expected total value of this training costs ₦250,000, therefore paying ₦150,000 will also be a steal.

I may also decide within my own means to give this training out to you for just ₦50,000.

This is because I’m certain if you follow and implement everything I taught in the course, you are on your way to raking in $1200 every month on Amazon KDP with Hybrid Book. with ease

But guess what!

you won’t be paying that much.

Because I understand that not everyone interested in this training would financial capability of coughing out ₦150,000 or ₦50,000

And that’s why I want to make this cheap and affordable for you today…

Dear reader,

If you are ready to join this training today

You only pay ₦10,000.

When you divide ₦10,000 by 30 days….. That’s…

That’s just Only ₦333 every day!

Not even enough to buy a plate of rice at Mama Blessing Hub.

It is worth remembering that you only pay just once No extra fees


Just Imagine what you could accomplish if you have a steady and consistent flow of money hitting your bank account every month.

With this system,

You would have created income for yourself on a passive route.

You would always have money to take care of those stubborn unforeseen bills that won’t stop coming.

You will also never depend on someone….

You will also have that freedom you have ever dreamt of, the freedom to go places you have been wanting to go.. do things you have wanted to do.

In fact, the list is just endless…


This is simply owing to the fact that you possess information that helps you generate a steady flow of income monthly that most people never have access to!

And you also have the golden opportunity to unlock such information today.

Please don’t let it slip away!

This incredible and mouthwatering offer is only available for a short period of time and I can decide to change or cancel it anytime I deem fit.

So, what are you waiting for, hurry and secure your spot now! Before it is too late

All because I can’t guarantee you that the price will remain as it is now!

Again to recap,

you will be getting access to these offers. . .

All For Just ₦10,000

The real catch here is that you can easily make that money back within your first month of starting or with just 3 orders of your books.

It is worthy to note that,

If you follow all the steps and fully implement what you learned in this training, and you don’t make at least your money back after 30 days.

Send me a DM with the progress you made so far…

I will gladly refund your hard-earned money together with a letter of apology for wasting your precious time.

Want to know why I’m doing all this?

This is because I’m damn sure of the wonderful result you will get from this training after you have fully implemented what you have learned…

Your success and Satisfaction are my topmost priority…

Here Comes a Mind-Blowing 90 Days Money Back Guarantee

Will i return your money?

Yes. I will. If after 90 days of implementing all you ‘ve been taught adequately and you are unable to  make at least ₦300,000.

Then it implies i failed you and will return your hard earned money with an apology letter.

But first you must provide the evidence that you did it, and it didn’t work.

These are what people are saying concerning my training

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course yes!, you can do this even if you are not tech-savvy, the video training is well-explanatory and simple to understand

Yes, you can also create these books using your mobile phone, all the tools mentioned in the training are compatible with both Android and IOS

It depends on the books you already have on those accounts, we have to inspect them and make sure the books in those accounts can ride along with the hybrid book you will be creating

You are expected to start seeing results within 90 days of fully implementing what you learned.

IMPORTANT: Earnings And Legal Disclaimers

Disclaimer: We don’t believe in getting rich- quick Programs, We believe in dedication, commitment, and hard work to your business. And that’s what our programs are designed to help you do. It takes your effort to succeed in every business. The Sales figures stated in our training are my personal sales figures and those of my students. They are NOT typical as it’ll depend on the level of work you put in, hence we do not guarantee any monetary gain.