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A Complete Guide to WhatsApp Automation

Unlock the Power of WhatsApp Automation: Streamline Your Business, Boost Sales, and Build Strong Connections – Effortlessly Automate Contact Saving with WAFAIC Exclusive Training Guide!

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Meet Mohammed Ashafa, aka Ashafajnr or Coach Mohammed Ashafa, your guide to streamlining your business, boosting sales, and building strong connections effortlessly. As a sales and marketing specialist, Mohammed understands the challenges of manual contact management firsthand.

With WAFAIC, you’ll revolutionize the way you handle your WhatsApp interactions. No more late-night battles with contact saving – Mohammed has gathered all the necessary training and knowledge to share with you.

What You Will Learn

Get ready to transform your WhatsApp marketing with our course. Gain essential skills to streamline your business and maximize success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please considerAbsolutely No, iOS smartphones are not compatible with the Automation.
It is only functional with Android-powered devices.

I will always suggest the Android phones listed below to anyone looking to buy one. 

An upgraded

numerous brands, including Samsung, Nokia, Redmi, Oppo, Realmi, and Vivo.

In actuality, no, but practically all Android phones that have notification access can use automation. Notification access is required for it to work properly on Android smartphones.

The answer is WhatsApp automation; it’s not a continuous payment system. Your access will be everlasting after just a one-time payment.

Definitely not. This isn’t a cloud-based WhatsApp automation. It’s an automation that runs on your phone and requires coded files from specific Android apps in order to function properly.

proceed into your phone’s settings and search for BACKGROUND AUTOSTART. If you find it, you are hundred percent ready to start.?

With the aid of Autostart, you could get two of the most important apps for automation, allowing them to function properly even when your phone is off or rebooted.

While you can continue to manage what you have so far—Auto Responder is operating effectively and flawlessly on your device—if you are unable to view it, you can use the first option I stated in the course. As time passes and you begin making a nice living, update your gadget to the newest models, which I already discussed so you can begin utilizing the second alternative

Please go to your Android device’s settings and search for NOTIFICATION ACCESS to see if it exists or not.

If you encounter an error message such as “Couldn’t find this results,” it indicates that the function doesn’t exist on your device. Autoresponder and tasker, which would have made your automation easier, would thus not function properly on that specific Android smartphone.

If you have finally tested for it and discovered that it does, then your Android smartphone does have this functionality and all autoresponder and tasker apps operate with it.

Generally noted, the NOTIFICATION ACCESS feature is not present on many Android handsets. It’s possible that the NOTIFICATION ACCESS exists mounted on your Android smartphone.

Upgrade Your WhatsApp Game

unlock the full potential of WhatsApp automation and AI tools. Your future self will thank you for it!