REVEALED!!! 5 Simple Steps To Print Money From Forex Market With Your Smartphone

With Your Smartphone, You Can Make $20, $50, $100 Up To $500 Daily.

ONLY Forex Trading gives you money with No Products to Sell, No Customers to Convince and No Advert Cost. All You Need is Your Brain and Trading Capital

In the desire to achieve Financial Freedom, I have tried over 17 types of online businesses, some I achieved with ease but lots of money was spent to achieve the result and some there was no result to show for my efforts because of the basic requirement to succeed in online business.

But when I find myself trading forex, I realize I don’t have any products to sell (either locally sourced or imported or even e-books) , there was no need to build a sales page to convince any customers and there was no headache from Facebook banning my account after spending millions on advert yet no result but account suspension. I became a Forex Trading Evangelist. I became born again Trader, never to looked back again. Forex Money is sweet, abeg join me!


FACT1 : Did you know that Forex Market is the biggest market in the world with value worth 3.5 Trillion Dollars Daily …. Imagine enough money to go round, if YOU SABI THE GAME

FACT 2 : Did you know that Money Made from Forex Trading can fund all your other businesses if YOU SABI THE GAME

By the way, you should ask “Why am I telling you all these facts and turn myself to Forex Trading Evangelist”. well, look at the headline below

"The ONE and ONLY Way GUARANTEED to save yourself from Financial Headache is to earn in Foreign Currency".

This is How I get Started in Forex Trading and since then I never looked back......

The BIG Question is…

How do I protect myself and loved ones from the Financial Headache of free fall of Naira?

The ANSWER is….

Acquire a skill that can Guaranteed you earning in US Dollars. Simple!

Forex Trading is the One and ONLY way I can guarantee you that consistent earning from the Financial Market…….

All other online hustles will require a good investment in advertisement cost and the need to convince your customers to buy from you. You know them, I don’t have to list all the other hustles.


In Forex Trading, you are connected to a global market worth over 3.5 Trillion Dollars Daily.

Except you are not ready, you can make your easy money daily trading in the market after you acquire the “SECRET” from this course. Forex Trading Market has enough to go round for everyone needs, but not enough for everyone greed……wisdom!


CAUTION: Forex Trading is NOT a Get Rich Quick Scheme. There are so many scammers out there that promise you Heaven and Earth just to collect your money and leave you stranded. If it is an easy get rich quick, everyone will be riding Ferrari to shopping mall 🤣🤣🤣


This is the Truth about Forex Trading, please read carefully

Forex trading is a learnable skill. Simple. It is not and will never be a get rich quick business. It’s a career that requires investment in education like every other discipline we study in the university.

Knowing how to trade is a Life Skill. It is similar to knowing how to drive a car. Wherever you go in the world, a car is a car. With your drivers’ license, you can drive any car legally. Likewise, with your trading skills, you can “Print Money Legally” anywhere you find yourself in the Whole Wide World. All You need is the Skill (You will acquire from this course) and your Trading Capital.

The ability to Print Money at anytime you want is what I call the True Financial Freedom. Those who prioritize Learning before Earning are the living testimony of True Financial Freedom. I am a Living Testimony. Please listen to me as your coach and mentor so that you can prosper in Forex Trading Business.

This is the real story…..

I ventured into Forex Trading out of the need to be Self Reliant and to attain Financial Freedom like you are also seeking now. Back then in 2008, I had a good job working for government agency in Abuja with a good take home salary. With strong commitment to achieve success in Forex Trading, I set aside money from my monthly salary as my investment in learning how to trade the Forex Market.

I attended every seminar and training both in Lagos and Abuja. With huge investment in learning, but to tell the truth I have little to show for it because……

My “Sweet “ Experience with Forex Guru in 2008 -2015

…….because those who claimed to be the mentors then were also struggling due to limited knowledge they had. It was a trial and error back then in 2008. We were practically gambling away our money. It was the story of one blind man in the land of the blinds. We were all blindingly following each other. We ended up in the Financial pit.😂😂😂

The mentor and trainers in their usual ways, will pack photocopied books for us to read. Sometimes if you are lucky they will put lecture notes on a CD to go and watch at home with your DVD player. There was no flash drive then even in 2008 as at that time as it is common now.

💥Learning by Fire by Force was The Hard Way, The Only Way💥.

………but I kept going to all the seminars with no regret because I know what I wanted.

In the mid-march of 2009 after collecting my annual housing allowance from my place of work, about N480,000 then, I opened my first live account and invested half of the money into forex trading……I lost all the money. Yes I lost it all……😏😏

I lost all the money because I placed earning before learning. That opened my eyes to the fact that if I am going to make success out of this business, I HAVE TO LEARN.

Breakthrough is here…

Lo and behold, breakthrough came from Just one meeting with a veteran mentor……

I met my mentor and we signed an agreement for him to “Show Me The Way” I was a very good student. I paid him handsomely for his knowledge and time.

What I paid him then for the coaching and mentoring compare to what I have made from the business of Forex Trading is 2000% profit for me over and over. Today, I am a Successful Forex Trader since 2015. I am proud of myself and to God be the Glory.

Your Breakthrough is here too…..🤑🤑

I know a lot of people also desire to learn this skills but true mentors and genuine coaches are scarce. But today, you have me as your coach and mentor with practical experience of failures and successes. I am here to help you get started…..

I am willing and ready to guide you to acquire this Life Changing Skills and attain Financial Breakthrough….but I want you to ask yourself these deep question sincerely.

Please Ask Yourself These Questions:

  • Do you have luxury of 7 years to learn by trial and error with no coach and mentor? No!
  • Do you have 50k US Dollars to invest in learning over 7 years + pains and disappointment? No!
  • Do you desire to attain True Financial Freedom by acquiring this Forex Trading Skills? Yes!
  • Do you believe you can attain Financial Freedom from Forex Trading? Yes!
  • Are you coachable and ready to listen and watch me mentor you into success where you will never lack money again? Yes !

When you get my Course (The Forex Money Machine on the Smartphone), it will shorten your journey from 7 years to 7 weeks after you complete the course and follow the instructions in details. (NB: The 7 weeks include the period to consume the training content and begin to practice under my mentorship and coaching guide)

Everyone of us deserves a good life where basic things are not Luxury anymore

When our government cannot guaranteed any of this simple effects of life, having them become a luxury. But with your acquired skills in Forex Trading and Consistent dedication to the trading business, Benzo, Duplex in a clean and secured environment, a soul relaxing vacation becomes normal and not a Luxury anymore

The Forex Money Machine on Smartphone Course

Module 1: Forex Basics for Beginners
This Module 1 Step 1 Introduces you to the world of understanding Forex Trading. It is the basic foundation with lots of practical demonstration for both beginner and experience trader to learn from. Everlasting monuments are built on strong foundation. I lay the foundation here for you. A very solid one.

Module 2: The Forex Money Machine on Smartphone
Every skill comes with a set of toolboxes. This module explains the use of your smartphone to get started in trading. It comes with configuration that you can do on your own to get started. All the apps that you will need to start analyzing the market like a pro are well detailed in this module. The module has 4 lessons with an action plan to give you quick start.

Module 3 – Market and Trading Analysis.
This is the real deal. We go deep dive here to expose the secret sauce of trading with smartphone without stress of any indicator. It is a pure price action method that you can use with your smartphone anywhere. You don’t have to go around with your laptop (if you have one) every time before you can trade. This module simplifies the process of trading by training your eyes to look out for simple price pattern to make decisions in the market, quickly and profitably.The module is well detailed with 10 lessons and exit action plan to recap what you have learnt and practicalize it immediately to gain mastery of the skills. You will love every bit of the classes.

Module 4: My Money Printing Machine
Strategy is the key to every successful business. This is where I will generously share my Money Printing Machine with you. How I put together everything you have learnt from Module 1-3. This is SECRET most guru will never share with you.In this Module, I will lay it bare fore you to see it all. I will simplify it that you will be so angry with other “Gurus” who have deceived you that Forex Trading is hard. But, hey don’t skip Module 1-3 and jump to Module 4. You will miss it all. So take your time to go through the whole contents for you to be able to see the Secret in Forex Trading with your smartphone..

Module 5: Forex Business Management (Developing Your Forex Trading Plan)
Hey, remember we have covered strategies in Modules 1 to 4. But this Module 5 is the killer. This is where I bring my unfair advantage as a Certified Life and Business Coach to help you develop the proper mindset towards your long-term success in this business. I will also bring my experience as Certified Financial Literacy Expert to help you develop the proper Money Management Plan for your trading business. Here, basically is to develop a plan for success today and tomorrow in the business. Remember those who fail to plan, plan to fail. It is a general belief in the Forex Trading industry that success is 20% Technicality (module 1-4) and 80% Psychology (Module 5).No matter how good you are technically, your success in the long term is based on first class psychology knowledge. Remember, I am a certified life coach. I will be your coach, mentor and psychologist to help you become the phenomenal Forex Traders at the completion of this module. This is a promise.

Module 6: Live Trading Demonstrations.
This module is to bring you to my living room where we analyze the market together in real live. Here, there is no more theory. I will take live trade and demonstrate to you how simple it is to place a trade and make $20, $50, $100 and $500 daily with reference to the trading capital used for the demonstration. This is the last module and it is all practical. The practical will show you how to place your first trade and make profit. It will expose the traps and risk involved in trading and how to avoid them.

This Is How I Trade In The Forex Market To Generate Dollars Daily And How You Too Can Get Started.....Making $20, $50, $100 And More.

  • Start by Setting up My Smartphone for Trading day.
  • Check the Forex Website for Daily News and Events to gauge market sentiment
  • Pick my trading pairs for the day
  • Analyze the market using simple method I teach my student
  • Set my profit target and limit my loss with a stop loss order setup
  • Place trading orders for the trading pairs and monitor my trading for progress
  • Close my trade in profits and collect my money and if I make loss (very minimal) accept it and repeat the process again.

.....additionally, I will "wow" you with BONUSES and GIVEAWAYS you will never see anywhere online

Total Value of Bonuses & Giveaways = $2300 (N2.3 Million Naira)

Imagine all the above valuable packages to support you to become a Professional and Profitable Forex Trader?

Do you have any excuse from Printing Money from Forex Market?


The Complete Value of the entire program is

N2,500,000 ($2500)

Normal Sales Value

N250,000 ($250)

…..but you will get it today at a giveaway discount because

I want to support you to become the next Profitable Forex Trader at

N50,000 ($50)

You can get it today for this One-time Special Offer. Prices increases as soon as the countdown hit zero

Seconds what the students of The Forex Money Machine On Smartphone Course are saying with so much joy

“I am more than blessed meeting you sir”
"Hi everyone. I count it as a privilege to give a testimonial about my mentor and big brother coach Bashir Muse. I knew him a couple of months ago and my life has not been the same again. Is it the life transforming principles you want to talk about or the forex training per say. His teaching methods are unique as he will teach you something practical. He is not the type that will teach something and do the other. You will see him practising whatever he is teaching you. I can say confidently that I am not yet a pro in forex trading today but I can place a trade and be sure that 3 out of every 4 trade I place will return as a profit. Kudos to his tenacity, resilience and never say never attitude. Whenever he sees that you are slacking, he will give you a call and encourage you not to give up. If I am to recommend a life mentor/coach or a forex mentor/coach, I won't think twice before mentioning Coach Bashir's name. All you need to do is to give him a trial, and I am sure a trial will convince you. Thank you.."
Dr. Blessing Olukayode Akinlabi
Veterinary Doctor
“I am grateful for your large heart to teach me the way..."
“I am filled with gratitude to coach Bashir as I share my brief story on this remarkable journey of trading foreign exchange. It's a journey that has taught me valuable lessons about perseverance, risk management discipline, and the power of financial literacy. My journey on the Forex train began with curiosity and a desire for financial freedom. Like many, I was drawn to the allure of trading currencies, with dreams of earning an income that would grant me more time and resources to pursue my passions. Just like any train ride, my journey on the Forex train had its ups and downs. I experienced turbulence in the form of losses and setbacks. It was easy to become discouraged, but I reminded myself that every experienced trader had to endure a bumpy ride at the beginning. Thanks to the ten days extensive training I went through with Coach Bashir which helped me on my journey of becoming a profitable trader. I am not yet in the promise land but I am sure I will soon get there. Thanks Coach Bashir for been accessible, Patient and diligent to your students and your Passion and commitment is second to none"
Pastor. Ojeosuman Odumu
“Coach Bash's Forex Money Machine on Smartphone Course has been an incredible journey for me as a retiree."
“As a retired Banker with ample free time on my hands, I was looking for an engaging and fulfilling way to use my time productively. Coach Bash's course turned out to be the perfect fit. His patient teaching style and the convenience of trading on my smartphone have made forex trading an enjoyable and rewarding pastime. Thanks to his guidance, I've not only found a new passion but have also started seeing tangible results in my trading efforts. Coach Bash's dedication to helping his students, regardless of their age or background, shines through in every aspect of the course. I highly recommend his course to anyone looking to make the most of their free time and embark on a fulfilling journey in forex trading. I am no more under pressure for finance as I make even double of my salary from Forex Trading." "
Martyns Olisa
Retired Banker

This is What you get when you join the other lucky individuals that get coached and mentored by Coach Bashir Muse a.k.a bash4cash

This is What you get when you join the other lucky individuals that get coached and mentored by Coach Bashir Muse a.k.a bash4cash

Through: The Forex Money Machine on Smartphone Course

Practical and Personalized Mentorship: I Know you are getting a video course, but what I have put together for you is a practical experience of over 10 years. Coaching is not teaching. I am here to coach you till you attain success like I did with my other students sharing their testimonials.

Over 2.5 Million Worth of Bonuses: I have put together a valuable resources as bonuses that you can hardly seen anywhere on the internet. Its my jealously guarded treasure to help you gain mastery and become a success within a short time. Please when you get this bonuses, keep them safe and treasure them too.

Life Coaching Session: Success is beyond Trading Forex. I am a certified Life Coach which am proud of as I have used my skills and knowledge to guide my student to attain true success. With my Life Coaching session you will gain clarity of how to become more and have more from life beyond trading.

Coach Bashir Muse - bash4cash

Creator of Forex Money Machine on Smartphone

Awesome Coach Bash


My name is Bashir Muse, a.k.a Coach Bash. I am a veteran Forex Trader since 2009. Beyond Forex Trading, I am a certified Life and Business Coach with Study House, UK.
I have worked as a Management Consultant for Multinationals, US, UK, and German Governments on different projects in the past for 18 years of my life.

And to add humor to it, I was once a class room teacher in the past. That is life!😘

Today, I work for myself as a full time Trader , I practice Management Consulting as part time because I love to teach and impact knowledge.

I am passionate about economic empowerment, so I make it a Life Mission to empower everyone that comes my way.

Today you are here and I congratulate you because you are about to experience a life transformation beyond success in Forex. I am an Evangelist of balance between Money and Meaning. That is, I teach you how to make money, live well and also encourage you not to forget to impact others which is the real meaning of living a good life.

This is my Philosophy: “A Candle looses Nothing by Lighting Another Candle”.

Why Many People FAIL in Forex Trading and Why You Will SUCCEED If You Join My Class....

People generally and most especially Nigerians are highly impatient. A whole lot of people has fallen into hands of scammer and failed because they have wrong perception of what Forex Market is. They think Forex Market is a Get Rich Quick Venture. And more often than not, they get scammed.

And when they get scammed due to their fault, they become blind to the real and genuine people like me who want to help them.


Just imagine someone asking me to trade for him with the expectation that I will double his Capital in 2 days and I started laughing ……

What do you think I did?

I blocked him from reaching me on phone again after I told him the truth about what it takes to be a Professional and Profitable Trader and he refused to listen to the truth.



Forex Trading is Professional Career Skills and it can be a Life Saving Skills if you master it and practice it enough to become a Professional.


So, I invite you to join my group of successful mentees and students who are taking this course now with all form seriousness and enthusiasm, seeing the better future as a professional and profitable trader in the making. JOIN THEM NOW!

And This is My Assurance........

I have no doubt that you desire to attain Financial Freedom through the Forex Trading. This is my assurance to you.

If you can make yourself available by signing up for this course and make commitment to follow my instructions and do all I ask you do, there is ONLY ONE outcome. SUCCESS!

Forex Trading vs Other Online Hustle

I want you to critically look at the sharp difference between Forex Trading and Other Online Hustle. This can help you make decision to join the Forex Money Machine on Smartphone Course.

The Forex Trading

  • You can Trade Today and Make Money Today and Withdraw Instantly.
  • You Don’t Need a customer to Buy Anything from you. Just your brain and skills to make money.
  • You don’t need to run any advertisement to make money. Just use your skills to trade and collect your profit.
  • You can start with just $50 and grow the account gradually to $500 with proper mentorship and guidance.
  • It’s the Largest and Liquid Market in the World, worth over 5 trillion Dollars. Enough Money to go round.

The Other Online Hustle

  • Ecommerce, Affiliate Marketing, KDP, etc all required you to build the business over time before you can make money.
  • You have to sell either Digital or Physical Products to Customers to make money.
  • You have to do either Free or Paid Advertisement to get customers to buy what you are selling after so many efforts to convince them to buy.
  • You have to do either Free or Paid Advertisement to get customers to buy what you are selling after so many efforts to convince them to buy.
  • The competition is too high over small money available to make in each of the industry.

Imagine What You Get When You Order for The Forex Money Machine on Smartphone Course

  • A Very Practical Course Content. Easy to Implement
  • Full Access to Me for Mentorship
  • Fill-in-the Blank Profitable Trading Plan Template (Value: =$400)
  • My Customized Special and Simple to Use Indicators (Value: =$350)
  • Access to My Valuable e-Library (Value: = $500)
  • Exclusive Trader Therapy Room (Value: = $800)

The Complete Value of the entire program is

N2,500,000 ($2500)

Normal Sales Value

N250,000 ($250)

…..but you will get it today at a giveaway discount because

I want to support you to become the next Profitable Forex Trader at

N50,000 ($50)

P.S.: As an evangelist of Economic Empowerment, I have done my bit to inform you of an opportunity you can take to Print Money Legally from the Forex Market through my course. The decision to take Action Now and transform your Financial Destiny is in your hand. But one thing is for sure, the more you delay in taking action, the more you will be missing out of becoming Financially Free.

P.S.S.: One Week, One Month or Even One Year from Now, you will wish you had taken that Action Now….See you inside The Forex Money Machine on Smartphone Course .


Thanks Coach Bash, Yes, I want to Join Other Lucky Students To start Printing Money From Forex Market Now!